WABC's Sade Baderinwa: Love For The Children. 47 in Age But Not Married And Husband? Affair Rumors?

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WABC's Sade Baderinwa: Love For The Children. 47 in Age But Not Married And Husband? Affair Rumors?

Quick Information

  • Boyfriend Not Known
  • Lesbian No
  • Eye Color Dark Brown
  • Hair Color Dark Brown
  • Hair Short
  • Feet (Shoe) Size 9 (US)
  • Weight N/A
  • Height/ How Tall? 5'6" (168 cm)
  • College University of Maryland
  • High School Harry S. Truman High School
  • Career 2003–present
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
  • Date of Birth Apr 14, 1969
  • Age 52 Years, 5 Months
  • Divorce/Split Not Yet
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Children/Kids Not Yet
  • Mother Edie House
  • Ethnicity/Race Mixed
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Birth Name Folasade Olayinka Baderinwa
  • Profession News Anchor
  • Birth Place Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Nationality American, German

We are human, and as humans, we love a little bit of drama don’t we? And when the drama involves affairs, pregnancy rumors, and alleged death threats stuff gets quite heated.

Today we have a story about a beautiful, confident and smart Television personality. Folasade Olayinka Baderinwa better known as Sade Baderinwa works as a news anchor for Ney York’s WABC Channel 7. She is a co-anchor of the 11 pm news with Bill Ritter and Eyewitness News with Diana Williams.

 Sade, at a very young age, was abandoned by her biological family. Her father was Nigerian, and her mother was German. She was then adopted by Edie House, the former WBAL anchor and her parents, James, and Edith. They raised Sade in Baltimore City, Maryland.

Is She Married? Husband or Boyfriend, Dating?

Talking about her relationship status, Sade, 47 is currently single with no intentions of getting married. But there is a shady history when it comes to her love life. Don’t worry we got you covered with this drama.

Sade was in her mid-thirties when she was rumored of having an affair with Martin O’Malley, the former Maryland Governor. Though they never spoke about their relationship out in public, there were rumors flying around which stated that the two were definitely dating.

You might be thinking, okay they dated, so what? What’s so dramatic about it, right?

Well, the thing is Governor O’Malley had quite a reputation then, being a governor as well as a married man. He has four children with his wife, Catherine Curran O’Malley.

But there were claims that Governor O’Malley was having an extra-marital affair with Baderinwa. Not just an affair, but it was rumored that Sade was even pregnant after their affair rumors surfaced.

To protect the reputation of Governor O’Malley Sade was forced to leave Baltimore along with her alleged unborn child and move to New York.

Moving to New York was a dream that suddenly turned into tragedy for Baderinwa. On July 23, 2014, while Sade and her reporting team were preparing a report about the flooding in Hackensack, New Jersey, Sade was hit by a car.

"I remember at the last second seeing this car come out of nowhere and hit me,"

Said Sade in an interview and added,

"And the driver just kept going. I flew ten feet into the air and landed in some water. I had one photographer who thought I was dead -- who saw me in the puddle of water. And the other photographer took off on foot after the driver."

It took her a long time and effort to recover but Sade, being a fighter since her early days never gave up.

But the story doesn’t end here.

Since the driver was never caught, nobody knows who was behind this life threatening incident. It is speculated that Catherine, O’Malley’s wife was behind all this.  It might be true because Sade was having an affair with her husband, whom she dearly loved. Well, this is one of those stories that will remain a mystery.

Now that Sade has recovered she is very active not just in her job but also in giving back to the society. Sade along with some top-notch company such as The Walt Disney Company, New York Women in Film and Television, WABC-TV and Lincoln Centre Institute created a successful mentoring program named “ Get ‘Reel’ With Your Dreams: The Inside Track.” This program deals with exposing high school students from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in films and television.

Sade is also very fond of children since she was an abandoned child herself and lost her unborn child. When we browse through her Instagram, we can see her posting pictures of physically abused children.


A post shared by Sade Baderinwa (@sadeabc)


A post shared by Sade Baderinwa (@sadeabc)

We can also say that she is very fond of her work. Her Twitter and Instagram is filled with work-related feeds. 

Currently, Sade is busy with her life and her show and also busy covering the presidential campaign as seen on her Twitter feeds and Instagram posts.

Here is a tweet from Sade on her way to the debate.


A post shared by Sade Baderinwa (@sadeabc)

Here is one of a few Instagram posts related to the presidential election.

Sade Baderinwa hosts the 9th Annual 'Get Reel With Your Dreams' program:

Sade Baderinwa and WABC held the youth empowerment program 'Get Reel With Your Dreams' at the Channel 7 studios, WABC. The program aims at giving advice and planning ideas to young people who aim for a career in Journalism, Entertainment and Live TV.

Sade Baderinwa personally led a panel discussion alongside notable personalities such as Josh Einiger, Sandy Kenyon, and Ryan Field to provide first-hand experience advice and anecdotes to the participants of the program. ABC News also held workshops and Q&A sessions so that Participants could get tips and advice from reputable professionals on various aspects of the Live TV business, from anchoring to even camera work. 

The program was not only sponsored by Disney, but they also funded a scholarship to students who planned to build a career in media and entertainment through a Video contest with the winner taking over $25,000. The first prize of the award went to  Oscar Anzora from Harry Truman High School while second place went to Greg Navarro from High School of Art and Design.

Caption: The winners of 9th Annual 'Get Reel With Your Dreams' Video Contest, presented by ABC News.

Photo-Credit: abc7ny.com

Sade has been working as a television reporter for more than a decade now. This gives her a lot of experience and knowledge. With this long experience, we know that she is paid a hefty amount as her income.

She earns around $1 million, and her total net worth is around $5 million. Smart, hardworking and rich, what a combination isn't it?