Jamey Johnson Age 45 Really Divorced Wife For Sake Of New Album?

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Country singer Jamey Johnson once had to let go of his wife as he had to isolate himself from the outside world...Now that his career reached the heights of success, has he got back with his wife or is dating any other girlfriend...Net Worth Details; Two Songs Released From New Album...
Jamey Johnson Age 45 Really Divorced Wife For Sake Of New Album?

Give It Away by country singer Jamey Johnson was based on his failed marriage. Jamey once had to let go of his wife and isolated himself from the outside world. The song didn't just showcase his pain after the separation from his wife but also helped him rebuild his career from scratch.

Rocky Married Life With Girlfriend-Turned-Wife; Divorce?

Previously a married man, Jamey tied the knot with a woman named Amy. However, he hasn't disclosed the year of his wedding or his first meet with his ex-wife. 

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Jamey and his then-wife also had a child from their relationship, a daughter named Kylee Johnson. 

Further, Jamey was also prospering professionally. He had signed his first record deal with BNA in April 2005 and even released his debut album titled The Dollar the next year in January. However, both his professional and personal life soon turned to chaos as Jamey started losing things that were once the most valuable to him.

Soon after he finished touring for the promotion of his first album, the Alabama native was dropped off from the label after his second song, Rebelicious, failed to gain popularity which even soured his relationship with his wife.

The couple eventually divorced, but fans are still unsure if the reason for his divorce was Jamey's sudden exile from BNA or whether it was just a trigger for a long unhealthy marriage. Only Jamey can answer this. 

The son of Howard Johnson, Jamey, was raised in a family of music enthusiasts. After his isolation following the divorce, he started living with a friend while also writing songs and even turned to alcoholism.

During his isolation period, Jamey co-wrote the song titled Give It Away, which became a number one hit in the US charts and even won the Song Of The Year at the CMA Awards in 2007. While accepting his award, Jamey thanked his ex-wife and mentioned that Amy also deserved half the song's credits. He told during his acceptance speech,

"I want to thank my ex-wife, Amy…. She surely deserves half of this song and half of this award, too." 

Although Jamey, who ages 45, never got back together with his wife, he still holds high regard for their once adorable relationship. Further, he is close to his teenage daughter Kylee and even brings her to attend different events.

Kylee made her appearance with his father at the funeral event of late George Jones on 2 May 2013.

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Jamey Johnson and daughter Kalley at the funeral of George Jones on 2 May 2013 (Photo:

Moreover, Kalley even served as her father's backup singer in one of his concerts in 2017, so she could also consider a career as a professional singer. 

Meanwhile, Jamey has not been known to be involved with a girlfriend after his divorce from Amy. He is reportedly single but could be hiding a girlfriend and wants to keep her away from the public eyes. 

Net Worth Details; Two Songs Released From New Album

Jamey Johnson has amassed a substantial net worth from his singing and songwriting career. To this day, he has released four studio albums, namely The Dollar (2006), That Lonesome Song (2008), The Guitar Song (2010), and Living For A Song (2012), along with a self-released album in 2002 titled They Call Me Country

Jamey, who is at the height of his career, surely enjoys a considerable net worth of over millions. Further, he also makes an average ranging from $3.6K - $58K from his YouTube channel, which has further enhanced his net worth. 

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Further, he has also announced his new album titled King Of The Road: A Tribute To Roger Miller. He revealed the name of his album via Twitter on 7 September 2018.

"Husbands and Wives" with @EmmylouSongbird from the new album 'King Of The Road: A Tribute To Roger Miller.' 

Moreover, he has also released two songs from his new album, Husbands and Wives and Dragon Song.