Jen Carfagno Salary & Measurements Revealed! Weather Channel Reporter Details

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Jen Carfagno Salary & Measurements Revealed! Weather Channel Reporter Details

Weather Channel's on-screen meteorologist Jen Carfagno, age 42, is often referred to as the "Dewpoint Diva" because of her affinity towards dew points as she has repeatedly claimed it to be her favorite weather measurements tool.

The simple fact that she boasts a formidable net worth and an equally tantalizing sum in salary would make the public believe that the Collegeville native is egotistic.

Although Jen might possess the body measurements of one, she is far from her given title at the Weather Channel. She's anything but the said Diva. Look no further than her social media - where she shows her humble personality all the while showing off her husband and kids - for proof.

Owner Of Goddess-Like Measurements Tamed By Husband

Hourglass is one word that would best describe Jen's body features.

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Standing at 5 foot and 5 inches (165 cm) in height and 115 pounds (52 kilograms), Jen wears a dress six size clothes.

Her breasts, waist, and hips measure 36 inches (91 cm), 25 inches (64 cm), and 37 inches (94 cm) respectively. As for her bra size, she dons a modest 34B undergarments.

A Collage of snaps highlighting Jen's hourglass body (Photo:-

The less we talk ill about Jen's goddess-like body measurements, the better! Nobody in the right state of mind would want to offend her husband, Neil. After all, her yet-to-be-named husband, Neil is a motor city native as revealed by her 2012 tweet.

"yes! I'll support your tigers.. my husband has fam in Michigan! But I'm a Phillies fan."

The married couple shares two daughters. Although there have been zero records as to when the pair had married, judging by her Instagram posts: Jen and her husband could have built their relationship on the back of years of knowing each other.

Jen alongside her husband and daughter at Steamboat Springs (Photo:- Jeb Carfagno's Instagram)

The Carfagno family love spending time together. Whether it's attending their local MLS outfit Atlanta United's games at Mercedez-Benz Stadium or vacationing at the Steamboat Springs Colorado, the 42-year-old seems to find a way around her busy dealings at Weather Channel.

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Jen Carfagno's Net Worth & Salay At Weather Channel

Jen comes from a rare breed of reporters and media personalities who have the option retire at the same network where they first began their on-air career.

She has been with the Weather Channel since 1998. A year after completing her bachelor's degree in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University, Jen joined the famed network as a full-time reporter.

During her tenure at the Weather Channel, she has acted as the liaison for the Meteorology Science & Strategy Department to several other business units. Furthermore, she was tasked with handling The Weather Channel's tactical operations with the National Weather Service.

Jen's excursions at Weather Channel hasn't gone unnoticed. A meteorologist working as a forecaster on TV makes an average of $58 thousand in salary but given Jen's longevity, she ought to make much more than that.

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Like her salary, she hasn't revealed her finances to the public, nor has she announced her net worth. In contrast, her fellow co-host of the show AMQH, Jim Cantore has $3.5 million in net worth.