Inside Jennie Laxson Heath & Phil Heath Divorce, Dating Now? Bio Unveil

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Jennie Laxson Heath, a prominent cosmetologist, was once married to...who is a...and also a...the couple tied the wedding knot back was together for a long time until they parted ways back in...Jennie also battled...for years and was finally done with her surgeries in...only a years before she parted ways with...
Inside Jennie Laxson Heath & Phil Heath Divorce, Dating Now? Bio Unveil

Females have been making a prominent name in today's world in every sector even be it a male-dominated one. Among these ladies, Jennie Laxson is also one of them who have been able to make a name for herself as one of the most prominent cosmetologists.

While Jennie has maintained her name in the beauty industry earning both name and fame, her life apart from her career has a different story to tell. Turns out she prefers to keep her personal life off the radar away from her eager admirers.

Despite her secrecy, here are few insights on her bio revealing her family life along with her harsh battles in life!

Relationship With Phil Heath End With A Divorce - Details

Jennie Laxson Heath, whose current age is a mystery, had her name flying around in the media tagged along with her former husband Phil Heath. Phil, who is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder at the age of 38, has set a record of eight Mr. Olympia title wins.

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While Phil had his success under his feet, his wife Jennie was by his side watching him grow through the struggles. The pair exchanged the wedding vows back in 2007 long before Phil tasted his Mr. Olympia title for the first time in 2011.

Jennie and Phil were pronounced as husband and wife back on 23 June 2007 during their wedding ceremony accompanied by their invited guests in Arvada, Colorado. It is not known where the ceremony of their big day took place but for them, it was one of the best memories to cherish.

Jennie Laxson with Phil Heath. (Photo: 

The couple remained together for almost a decade but did not share a family together. After being married for eight years, the romance between Jennie and Phil sizzled out. In 2015, Jennie and Phil officially signed the divorce papers parting their ways. 

The couple shared the relationship for a long time and did a great job in keeping the romance between them low-key. Since the end of their marriage, Jennie has disappeared into thin air keeping her personal life at the bay for her admirers.

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There has not been any news on her starting romance with someone new. However, Phil, who has a net worth of $8 million, has found love again with his current girlfriend-turned wife Shurie Cremona. As for Jennie, her love life is off the radar right now. 

Won Breast Cancer Battle

While Jennie's relationship with Phil came to an end, she had to go through a battle for her life before parting ways with Phil. Back then, Jennie was battling with breast cancer for years before she finally won it all.

She had breast cancer and went multiple surgeries for her survival. She had her fifth surgery back in 2014 a year before parting ways with Phil. Jennie discovered cancer early which prevented her from going to the later stages. 

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Many of her well-wishers wished her for a full recovery through multiple tweets on Twitter as she had to go through multiple surgeries even after being diagnosed from cancer.