Jennifer Hawkins & Husband Keeping Wedding Vows Strong! Plastic Surgery Talks

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Jennifer Hawking won the prestigious award of.... ever since then, she has constantly been on the spotlight with an illustrious career in... after going out for... years, she is currently married to husband... however, with the limelight, she has continuously been accused of undergoing...
Jennifer Hawkins & Husband Keeping Wedding Vows Strong! Plastic Surgery Talks

A former Miss Universe Australia, Jennifer Hawkins is a epitomize for beauty even after it's years since she grabbed the Miss Universe crown! With her eye-catching personality, a jaw-dropping face, and an envious figure, Jennifer Hawkins has continuously been on the top of her game.

A committed individual in her personal life as well, Jennifer has also been a role model of long-term romance; how to carry a relationship forward. Married to what she believes is the love of her life, Jennifer continues to stay true to her wedding vows, despite all the ups and downs.

However, controversies haven't been a stranger to the star as she has constantly been on the news for her rumored beauty enhancement treatments. Plastic surgeries or not, the star remains to be just as attractive as she was when she first broke up to the scene winning her Miss Universe title in 2004!

Committed To Wedding: Husband and Wife Going Strong

At 34 years of age, the former Miss Universe remains to be happily married to her husband of 5 years, Jake Wall. The couple, who first met on a bar when Jennifer was just 20 years old, have been going out ever since.

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Jennifer Hawkins with her husband Jake wall on 10 June 2018. (Photo: Jake Wall's Instagram)

After being married for almost half a decade, and dating each other for more than a decade, Jennifer and Jake are still going strong in their ways. The host of many TV shows, Jenifer stayed strong to her husband’s support after the death of his mother, Lesslee in 2012.

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In an interview given to The Stellar magazine in 2018, she talks about the ups and downs she faced in her relationship.

“That’s what happens when you are young and you break up a million times and then you come back together. We’ve had a lot of downs, I guess, with Jake’s mum passing away and a few things happening in my family, so it hasn’t been perfect.”

Despite all the obstacles in their path, Jennifer and Jake continue to enjoy each other’s company and have been performing their wedding vows strongly. The couple also plans on having children at some point in the future when they believe the time to be appropriate. Talking to Dailymail on March 2018, Jennifer explained,

"We would definitely love to have a family, the timing though is something you have to keep between your husband and yourself, it's important to keep that private."

May the fans would witness the presenter settling down with her family shortly! 

Plastic Surgery Rumors

With an ever growing empire built with builder husband Jake, and an impressive portfolio full of investments, the Australian supermodel has amassed a net worth of $10 million.

Like that of her net worth, the model and entrepreneur's plastic surgery rumors increased and got much media space. With a changed look from her Miss Universe days to now, the supermodel is rumored to have gone through multiple plastic surgeries.

Jennifer Hawkins transformation from her teenage days (right) to her present self. (Photo:

With her last Meyer fashion show on September 2018, the currently Sydney-based star has constantly been a target on social media with her face transformation issues.

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However, the star has denied the allegations on her and persists that her enhancing beauty is not a result of plastic surgery in an interview given to The Sunday Morning Herald in 2011.

“I haven't had plastic surgery and it's been seven years [since winning Miss Universe] … my fitness and skin regime is completely different from seven years ago.”

A family girl, a perfect daughter to mother Gail, perfect sister to her sibling Kristy, and a perfect wife to husband Jake, the former Miss Universe winner has given justice to each responsibility that has felt on her shoulder.