Jennifer Rubin's Personal Life - Married Life With Husband And Family At Brim

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Jennifer Rubin's Personal Life - Married Life With Husband And Family At Brim

A family is what shapes us as the members of our family is with us even in our darkest days.

As they say, when you have a family, you have everything in the world. Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post’s official conservative blogger, is one of those people who is blessed with a family.

She is married and shares the marital bond with her husband for a long time now. Even though she is not quite open about her relationship with her husband, she often let her fans in on her family life often documenting in on the social media.

Interested in knowing more about this fearless blogger? Well, all you have to do is keep reading.

Family Life With Husband And Kids

Jennifer Rubin, the political journalist, is living a safe and happy family life. Jennifer, who carries around astounding career, has been able to manage her career along with her personal life by taking them side by side. 

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She has been married to Jonathan, who is an accountant. She has been married to Jonathan for a while now and has been sharing a romantic bond of understanding with her husband.

However, Jennifer is adding a pinch of mystery to her life just like she does on her blogs. She has been able to hide the relationship that she shares with her husband. Jennifer has not revealed anything regarding her marriage dates with the media yet.

Moreover, Jennifer does not reveal much about her husband and their family life. It is known that she shares two children with him. Jennifer, her husband and two of their boys, lives together in Okaton, a Fairfax County in Virginia. 

Well, Jennifer and her partner moved from Los Angeles to Fairfax County back in 2005 with the thought of avoiding dysfunctional, high-tax California. They shifted to Northern Virginia to be near to Jonathan's family.

Jennifer's sole aim for the move was to be able to spend some quality time with her two boys who are now 21 and 16 years old. She wanted to be there for her children while they grow up to be the man of tomorrow.

Well, it seems that her small family of four is really acing when it comes to dealing with family. They share a close bond together with each other. Jennifer seems to have raised her kids right as they know how to value each of the special occasion.

Back in March 2012, Jennifer tweeted on Twitter revealing that her son put in an effort to make a key lime pie for his dad's birthday which is celebrated on 14th March every year.

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Turns out her son is a self-made chef, who loves experimenting and cooking for his parents. A year later in December 2013, Jennifer made a tweet revealing that her kid is a super chef. 

However, Jennifer has not revealed the names of her children yet. She does share a strong bond with her family while having it at brim.

Career As Journalist, Criticizes Presidency Of Donald Trump

Jennifer Rubin, at the age of 55, has relishing career. Born on 11 June 1962, Jennifer is an American journalist who writes a blog for The Washington Post. Before moving to writing field, Jennifer worked for Hollywood Studios as a labor and employment lawyer in Los Angeles for 20 years. 

In 2005, she moved to Northern Virginia where she offered a column about Mitt Romney to The Weekly Standard and worked as a freelancer for two years before joining Commentary. She moved to The Washington Post in November 2010.

Jennifer Rubin for The Washington Post (Photo:

While writing for The Washington Post, she was criticized many times and received complaint email. But the readers of her blogs do know that she is "an indefatigable reporter" who is hard on political issues.  

In 2011, Jennifer wrote a blog post suggesting that the 2011 Norway attacks were carried out by Islamic jihadists which gained her much criticism. Recently, Jennifer frequently criticized the Presidency of Donald Trump and has been one of the most vocal conservative-leaning writers. 

Well, she has not backed out on speaking her mind even if the person she is speaking about is the president of the country she lives in. Recently she criticized Trump stating that he lacked "tangential relationship with reality."

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She criticized the Tweet made by Trump on the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico recently calling the tweet as "bonkers."