Viking's John Kavanagh Now: Both As A Husband And Actor

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John Kavanagh, earned the fame and name with the movie-series ‘Vikings’, is a family man. He is married to Anne Mclover who was a former air hostess of that time. Viking's Star John Kavanagh portrayed the role of a familyless prudent in Vikings, but he is a different man in reality.
Viking's John Kavanagh Now: Both As A Husband And Actor

Reality, most of the time, is not presented in the world of fiction. The characters might not represent their self in the movie. Instead, they might just be contrary to their role. So, think wisely before you judge the Stars by their role!

Viking's Star John Kavanagh matches the same scenario; he portrayed the role of a familyless prudent in Vikings, but he is a different man in reality.

Doubting, if we are telling the truth? Keep reading and see for yourself!

John Kavanagh: A Family Man

Despite the role of 'The Sheer' in the series Vikings, John Kavanagh is different behind the camera and is a family man. He got married to his then-girlfriend Anne Mclover 40 years back and shared three children with her, namely Jamie, Emma, and Rachel Kavanagh.

The couple spent minimal time in the dating zone before getting married in 1968.

John Kavanagh, the Ancient Sheer of Vikings behind the makeup (Photo: tvsa)

Mesmerising his first meeting with his wife, he said,

 "It was 1968 and I saw her across the crowded room at a party, and I still remember it, I invited her to go to the Green cinema the next day, and was really surprised that she turned up."

But, their daughter Rachel directed that his father insisted on her mother, as she was with someone else.

“She was there with someone else, and she was like, 'Go away, you strange man!'"

Rachel Kavanagh is a star like her father; her career-path was set a long ago when she was sent to the 'Ann Kavanagh School of Acting' to help burn off her passion for acting.

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John too supported her journey; he even portrayed the role of Rachel's psychologist in the film Exordium, where she performed the lead role, even at a tender age of 10.

It seems the father and daughter has a very good relation to each other; Rachel feels that her father has a huge influence in her life.

"Dad taught me to follow my dream, but to expect nothing, and never put myself on a pedestal.”

She further explains that,

“I couldn't ask for a better father in terms of support, both emotionally and financially, and I only hope I have half the career he has had."

In addition to his daughter's passion for acting, his family's lineage linked to the entertainment world as his sister Anne Bushnell was a passionate singer and was a child dancer in the Theatre Royal.

She was diagnosed with cancer eight months ago before her death in April 2011. The 72 aged John's sister took her last breath in Tallaght Hospital.  After her death, he is survived by her two siblings; brother Peter and sister Phillis.

John Kavanagh journey to be a Star was not as smooth as it is now; he faced a lot of difficulties and failures, but he resisted and made his journey to this level!

John Kavanagh's Journey As An Actor

John Kavanagh, the ancient sheer of Vikings, is originally an Irish Actor. Besides his performance in Viking, he has also appeared in many well-known films and television series alongside a variety of actors.

John in the role of 'The Sheer' in Vikings (Photo: Vikings.wikia)

Jon Kavanagh has acted on the stage, in over twenty films, and in numerous television programmes.  He portrayed the role of ‘The Sheer’ and ‘Pope Leo IV’ in the History Channel series Vikings.

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After the fan's favorite Viking ended the mid-season in January 2018, many major characters were killed which left the fans' devastated. But here Viking is here with the season 5 and many characters are returning.

US network History channel released the 20-second clip from Episode 11 after the mid-season finale Episode 10 ended with the bloody battle scenes. So, in the teaser of Episode 11, John's on-screen character The Seer started the episode ominously saying "The war is not over." Well, it seems the battle of the blood will still continue throughout this season.

Kavanagh began his career with the Irish comedy, Paddy (1970), where he got the small role. After this, his career paused for 12 years without any film, so he started giving theatrical performances.

After the gap, he decided to return to the screen with the theatrical film, The Ballroom of Romance (1982), followed by the small film, Attracta(1983), and The Country Girls (1984).

His film credits continue to grow as he performed in Cal, Braveheart, The Butcher Boy, Pat O'Connor's Fools of Fortune and A Love Divided. He has appeared in several of British playwright's works including, The Norman Conquests and Absurd Person Singular.

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He expressed his experience of his journey as,

 "I've played Broadway twice and New York five times. I played the West End, I know what it is like to do very well and also what it is like to flop," 

John shared his experience before getting into the film as,   

"I wanted to be a film technician; I thought acting would be a way of getting into it. I worked in a color lab but I had no talent for photography. I had no conscious desire to be an actor, but I wanted to be in the film business."

Though he reached the age of 54 earlier this month, he shared his feelings as,

"I never think about age. It doesn't matter. I feel younger."

His hard work and patience towards his work have led him from Dublin to this dominant world, which goes same with his finances as well. With his decades of career into the entertainment world, he might earn in between the average salary of $50,529 per year. However, Jon Kavanagh, who is considered as Mr. Perfectionist, is yet to reveal the actual figures of his net worth.