Movie Star John Michael Higgins Relationship With His Wife And Children

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Movie Star John Michael Higgins Relationship With His Wife And Children

Working as an actor for over three decades, John Michael Higgins is all about versatility, his range of characters on screen, and his ability to do justice to all! 

The actor's best defining role is that of a family person, which implies in his real life as well. That is the role of a loving husband and proud father of his children. 

Let’s find out more about his personal life.

John Michael Higgins's Relationship With His Children

John has been married to the Grey’s Anatomy actress Margaret Welsh since 1 February 2003. With a preference to maintain a low-key personal life, both John and his wife have kept a fair share of marriage details to themselves.

John Michael Higgins with his wife

John Michael Higgins, along with his wife, Margaret Welsh. (Source: Facebook)

The married couple was soon blessed with their wedding gift in the form of their daughter Maisie Higgins, born on 3 August 2003. Then, after three years, another member got added to their small family via the addition of their son Walter Lloyd Higgins, born on 29 August 2006.

Unlike his character portrayals onscreen, John is extremely secretive about his personal life and has been extremely careful not to reveal any personal life details. However, the Pitch Perfect star normally spent some family time with his wife and children in public places.

The Boston-born star was identified visiting the International Spy museum along with his wife and two children in July 2015.

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However, in the interview with Closer Weekly, John shared his fatherhood experience. He expressed how he has a close relationship with his kids and learns new things from them. 

He mentioned that his kids had inherited their parents' love for the arts. 

Even though they won’t follow in their footsteps, he will still support his children and believes that his daughter, Maisie Higgins, will be a writer in the future.

He has also mentioned focusing on his children more than his career. 

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With the growing age of the couple, John and his spouse were not seen together on recent occasions. This has sparked the rumor of their old love struggling at that time. However, John cleared all the rumors with a Twitter post on 10 April 2017, where he appeared alongside his better half and family.

John Michael Higgins family

John Michael Higgins' entire family, including his parents, wife, and children. (Photo: John Michael Higgins' Twitter)

Marking their 19 years together, John, at age 59, has thus shown no signs of his love towards his partner Margaret decreasing by any means. Therefore, the movie star is all set for happily ever after along with his partner and family and massive success in his career.

John Michael Higgins’s Career

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, John began his career on the comedy show National Lampoon's Class of '86 in 1986, portraying various roles. The actor has never turned back since then and has gone on to portray several memorable characters on screen.

John is most widely recognized for his roles in movies like Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and Pitch Perfect. Furthermore, his character portrayals as gay have been enormously applauded in his career.

Among many of them, one gay role of his that caught everyone’s eye was his role of Peter Lovett in the American sitcom Happily Divorced.

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John, who has over 120 acting credits to his name, is currently the host of a game show named America Says.

With a wide display of roles in movies, tv-series, and game shows in his career, John has managed to accumulate a massive net worth of $5million for him and his family to enjoy upon.

We hope John will be more open about his family. We will surely give you more updates on John Michael Higgins. Till then, stay tuned.