Kierra Sheard is Not Married! Single and Motivated With No Boyfriend Issues

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Kierra Sheard is Not Married! Single and Motivated With No Boyfriend Issues

Marriage is a strong commitment and a matured decision to take. Most couples rarely reach the phase of making that determination.

Kierra Sheard, a renowned name in the singing industry, had taken the first step towards marriage. However, the journey didn't reach the destination of the wedding.

Do you want to know what happened after she took the first step? Well then, scroll down!

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Kierra Sheard - a singer and fashion designer - was engaged to Pastor Welton Smith back in 2011. She even revealed that she was going to get married and showed her engagement ring in a video. 

Kierra was close to embarking on a new journey of marriage by exchanging the vows to be husband and wife.

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As the happy news spread, their joy came to a halt: Sheard's engagement with Smith broke down. However, the reason was kept confidential.   

Almost after three years since the wedding was called off, she happened to run into her ex-boyfriend accidentally, but he was with another woman. She wrote in her blog that,  

"Went to the store today and spotted him with another woman in the store. It stung a little; I wanted to cry but I didn't." 

Her post in the blog reflected that she still had some emotions left for him. Though he moved on, it seems she unconsciously wanted him back. But, she finally realized that he was not just made for her.

"I see that he's just not it. And though there aren't any guys in my life that are keeping my attention, I might as well make it up in my mind to just let him go! Maybe this is time that I need to get to know me."

The 32-year-old Gospel music singer, Kierra Sheard's blog post clearly defined the previously broken relationship that seemed to be a turning point for her. 

It seems that she is happy and she didn't want to wait for his ex-fiance as he has already moved on.

"I [could have been] waiting forever, but for nothing. That's where my heart for my people comes in and it's attached to my career." 

Her blog post also had a little bit of irony when she added,

"I love to see people do better because I like to do better. It's so important that we don't attach ourselves to the wrong thing."

But it's worth noting that she has realized that attachment to "the wrong thing" is a mere waste of time. She was moving on, too! However, she remained single and encouraged other single people to pursue the road of God and love themselves.

Kierra, the daughter of Grammy Award-winning singer Karen Clark Sheard, headed on the emotional journey of examining self-love. Her painful journey didn't end here as she further aimed for weight loss through cosmetic surgeries. She shared,

"If I was able to lose 80 pounds on my own then surely I can trample over the doubts and lack of self-discipline that I am currently experiencing. I am ready for this to be over and I cannot believe that I actually have staples in my arms, all for wanting to look a certain way."

Kierra Sheard as seen after her weight loss from cosmetic surgery in 2014 (Photo:

She came from a legacy of gospel singers and follows the footsteps of her family to sing for the Lord. But she preferred to sing in a way that the new generation could appreciate and enjoy.

More About Keirra

Kierra Sheard is an American gospel singer, born on June 20, 1987. Her father is  Bishop J. Drew Sheard, who is the pastor of the church, and her mother is Karen Sheard who is a four-time Grammy award-winning American Gospel singer, musician, and songwriter.

Her brother J.Drew Sheard II has followed her footsteps as well. Her 29-year-old brother is an established music producer. Also, the two collaborate together in their business ventures and have even cited him as someone close to her best friend. Interestingly, music can be traced back all the way to her family roots as her late grandmother Matie Moss Clark was a gospel choir director.

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With a net worth of $10 million, she began her career in a church when she was in an elementary school and took it as her profession at the young age of 10. She won a Stellar Award for Best Children's Performance for her recording of The Will of God.

She had grasped success at a young of 15 when she signed her first solo recording contract with EMI Gospel. Her debut album was released later in 2004 and her second album was released in 2006 which topped the Billboard Gospel charts.

As of 2019, she has been active singing gospel themed songs at various events. In September 2019, she performed at the Labor Day Jamz event held in the Lakeside- Allendale community. Moreover, she is using her talent for community efforts and development. During the event she cited,

"When we started the project a lot of the neighbors came up and said you know thank you for thinking about our community so I’m just more than happy to give back to them and help them in any way that I can.”

Apart from being involved in social causes, she has released a new single in collaboration with another singer named Missy Elliott.