Inside NBC's Laura Garcia Age 49 Married Life, Who Is Her Husband?

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Laura Gracia, the NBC Bay Area Anchor, has garnered multiple Emmy awards on her name. On the other hand, she perfectly balances her personal life as a mother of...She is the proud mother of her kids...whom she shares with her husband...Laura met her husband...while she was covering a story for...while her husband was covering the same story form...eventually they fell in love and married in...after being married for...years they welcomed their children...
Inside NBC's Laura Garcia Age 49 Married Life, Who Is Her Husband?

Unlike many Laura Gracia, the NBC Bay Area anchor is achieving exactly what she wanted from her life. Since high school, Laura wanted to reach the height in her journalism career and did so just as she grew up.

Laura has garnered multiple Emmy awards on her name and is a proud mother at the same time. While Laura excels on her work she is even better when it comes to motherhood. A mother of three, Laura sets an example as she balances her professional life along with her personal one.

While Laura deals motherhood just fine, her married life with her husband has a different story to tell.

Here are few insights on Laura's bio revealing her relationship with her husband!

Fairytale Romance With Husband - Still Strong With Marital Bond?

Laura Gracia, who began her career as a journalist by broadcasting on Channel 30. Her work there did not only kick-started her journalism career but also lit a match in her love life.

According to some outlets, Laura crossed path with her husband Brent Cannon Schweigert while working at Channel 30. Turns out while she was on an assignment in San Fransisco Laura met Brent from rival Channel 24 who was covering the same story at that time.

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Even though a rivalry is expected between the two, the couple instead turned the expected rivalry into romance. Eventually, they made news by falling deeply in love with each other and getting married.

The pair tied the wedding knot back in 1997 and instead of starting a family together, the married couple opted towards advancing in their career. Nearly after 12 years the couple finally decided to share a family together.

In 2009, Laura and her husband Brent welcomed their babies into the world. Laura gave birth to triplets whom they named Katherine, Clair, and Jack. all three of her kids is now at the age of 8.

With the addition of triplet into their life, the couple had an even busier work schedule. In 2012, the pair celebrated their 15 years of togetherness. Brent marked the day by posting a picture from their wedding day.

Laura Gracia with Bernt Cannon on their wedding day. (Photo: Bernt Cannon's Facebook)

For a few years, the parents of three appeared together in various events. In 2014, Laura and Brent appeared together during PACE event and a year later, Laura, Bernt and their kids posed for a picture at NBC SF alongside world series trophies.

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They seemed a happy couple sharing a family of five but with time Laura and Bernt distanced themselves. The pair hardly posted about each other but remained completely silent of their separation. Looking at Laura's recent tweets, it has been speculated that she might have parted ways with Brent and seems to be secretly sharing romance with her new boyfriend.

Found Someone New? Tweet Says So

With the silent end of a romance with Bernt, Laura seems to now have someone new in her life. Few of her tweets suggests that she is sharing romance with her current boyfriend.

In August 2018, Laura expressed her desire to have a kitten through a post on Facebook but the caption revealed that her boyfriend was being the "party pooper" in the matter.  

Likewise, in July 2018, Laura replied to one of her followers' suggestion on loving someone saying that she would forward it to her "boyfriend." Even though Laura often mentioned about her boyfriend, she declined to reveal any insights on the man she loves. 

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Turns out her relationship with her man is completely off the radar. However, as of recent, Laura has mentioned herself as a "single mom" in one of her tweets. This led to doubts about her relationship among her followers. But as Laura currently prefers keeping her romance at the bay nothing much can be said about her current love life.