Lauren Southern Talks On Why She Isn't Married & Has Husband, Staying Single!

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Lauren Southern gained criticism for her traditional advocacy which let to people raising questions regarding her love life. However, she clarified the air expressing that...adding to it, she even revealed that she is...married and...blessed with possible husband...
Lauren Southern Talks On Why She Isn't Married & Has Husband, Staying Single!

Being in the spotlight often leads to mass criticism from the people who do not share similar interests. When you put your thought forward it is not always adored and liked but is often misinterpreted. 

Luren Sothern, Canadian far-right political activist and internet personality, had to go through a similar situation when she advocated for traditionalism. People mistook her message while bashing her through the comments on the internet.

However, Laren, who hardly responded to messages, cleared out the air explaining her reasons while even addressing her possible married life.

Reasons Behind Not Getting Married - Still Single? 

Lauren Sothern, a journalist by profession, is a supporter of traditionalism while she criticizes the modern liberal interpretation of a relationship. She believes that people should be more focused on working on their marriage and family following traditionalism.  

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However, her thoughts were disapproved by the viewers who questioned her marital status. Her viewers were much focused on her being at the age of 22 and still single with no children.

She clarified the doubts expressing that people should consider some of the important information about love, relationships and marriages that they gain from time beforehand which, however, does not mean that at the age of 22 one should be married right away.

In fact, she believes that it would inappropriate if she exchanged the wedding vows with her possible husband right away without finding the person she actually loves and is willing to share children with him. In doing so, the marriage would only turn worse than the anticipated situation.

While Lauren supports that people should invest more time on working out their marriage rather than finding the other way around, she also thinks that some woman with no kids and boyfriend to gush about would also be happy. 

However, on average both men and women prefer being married and having kids among which involves her sister as well. 

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Lauren Southern on the set of The Rubin Post. (Photo: Lauren Southern's Instagram)

Talking about her own love life, Lauren, who stands against radical Islam religion, has not yet found the man she would call her husband and is still looking forward to having her own family with kids someday. She is willing to wait for her perfect one while she figures out her own love life.

Even though she might end up unmarried at the age of 30 she is still looking forward to making a right choice. However, she is willing to work really hard to make her relationship to work. 

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Well, seems like she sure is enjoying her single life while she pours her thoughts regarding relationships among her viewers.