Lilan Bowden Wiki: Her bio, Age, TV Shows Details, Parents and Dating Status

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Lilan Bowden Wiki: Her bio, Age, TV Shows Details, Parents and Dating Status

"Rise of the Zombies" and "Andi Mack" are the movies that introduce actress Lilan Bowden. She is someone who has not lacked any sort of success and recognition in her career as an actress.

If you are curious to learn about her in details, you've hit the right place as today; we shed light on her life in a short wiki-like bio of her.

How Old Is Lilan Bowden and Which Ethnicity Does She Belong To?

Born in 1985, this Castro Valley, CA  born actress, Lilan Bowden, who is 31 in age, celebrates her birthday on the 1st of September.

She is notable for her role as Bex Mack on "Andi Mack." She has made some appearances in sketch comedy videos on "Funny or Die" and "CollegeHumor." She has also been a guest-star on TV shows like "Parks and Recreation," "The Pete Holmes Show," "Suburgatory" and more. 

In an interview, she revealed that she was a shy child but still wanted to be an actress. Moreover, she shared her desire to pursue acting with her parents, who were very supportive of her decision.

Caption: Lilan Bowden talks being shy, playing Bex in Andy Mack, and diversity in Hollywood. (Published on Mar 9, 2017.)

In the video, she talked about her parents' support, but she did not reveal much about them, that kept her ethnicity in shadows. However, in the meanwhile, she revealed what it was like playing an Asian-American character. 

She does gush about her parents on social medias, but that's all she does when it comes to speaking about them.

In one rare occasion, Lilan shared that her father is an engineer.

Lilan Bowden Portrayed The Role Of A Mother To Peyton Elizabeth Lee in Andi Mack:

"Andi Mack" is a transitioning and contemporary anecdote about a young lady essayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee. In the show, on the eve of Peyton's 13th birthday, her free spirited sister, Bex, portrayed by Lilan Bowden returns home and then reveals that she is her mother not her sister.

They share an incredible mother daughter relationship on the show which even the Disney Chanel celebrates as evident in the Tweet.

Does Lilan Bowden Have A Partner In LIfe? Dating Anyone?

Although Lilan has been vocal about her professional plans, she has been confidential when it comes to sharing any sort of detail about her love life. She has not made it clear if she has a boyfriend or not. Maybe, she is single, or maybe she is still looking for a right match in her life.

But there are chances of her being in a dating relationship, but not willing to disclose anything about it. 

Hope she reveals something soon!

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Lilan Bowden!