Openly Gay LZ Granderson Husband To Be, Net Worth At Age 46 - Details!

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LZ Granderson is an openly gay man but before he came out he was a married man. He was married to his wife...when he was at the age of...but later he came out and divorced from his wife after...years. He is also blessed with a son who goes by the name...He also shares romance with...who is his husband to be...
Openly Gay LZ Granderson Husband To Be, Net Worth At Age 46 - Details!

American journalist, LZ Gunderson, who co-anchors Sports Nation at ESPN has tried his hand in various aspects of journalism. He served as a political analyst and co-host of Strait Talk, a hardline political show which aired in 2016.  Adding to it, he is also a column writer, producing words people are compelled to read. Along with column writing, he also serves as a sportscaster for ESPN, presenting and writing for its digital versions.

Despite his life resembling an open book, he was at war with his own sexuality for a long time. He hid his sexuality from his family and friends for years but finally came to a truce with his sexuality and displayed immense courage in coming out as gay.

Now, he not only looks life through a different perspective but has also been able to inspire other people through his writings. 

Reconciling Faith With Sexuality, Coming Out As Gay

LZ Gunderson, who commands a salary of more than $70,000, did not have it easy while growing up. From an early age, he found himself attracted to men but never found a proper word to describe it. Instead, he kept it buried within himself acting just like what the social norms expected him to be.

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Despite having differential thoughts inside, he moved on in life as a straight black man. But his inner-self was fighting whom he really was and what he actually felt. 

Gunderson did know what he felt inside, but the pressure of what others thought left him with no choice but act as a straight man. By the age of 21, Gunderson had exchanged wedding vows with his wife and even shared a son Isaiah with her. 

He remained married for years until he reconciled his faith with sexuality. By the age of 25, he mustered up his courage and finally came out as gay. His coming out ended his relationship with his wife, with the couple going through a divorce.

However, coming out as gay was not the end of his problems, rather he faced more difficulties. He had to face professional humiliation and workplace banter, as he stepped into sports journalism. Being a part of the sports world, a macho industry, he faced many obstacles. But having made a tough decision of coming out, he persevered with who he was. 

Before he opened up about the sexuality, he revealed that living his life as someone else felt like drowning. 

Talking about the experience of living in a straight man's shoes despite being a gay, he said,

“I think drowning is a good sort of way to imagine what it’s like. And you can see the air, you know. And you can paddle as fast as you can, you know. But you have this albatross around you that’s holding you down. And you just feel like you can’t fully breathe and you can’t be yourself. And that was certainly the case for me.”

But he finally mustered up the courage to face reality by coming out, with his son serving as his strength. Gunderson revealed that his strongest reason for opening up about his sexuality is his son Isaiah as he would want his kid to be the person he actually is without any fake faces.

Romance With Partner - Soon To Be Husband?

After LZ Gunderson struggled to hide his sexuality, he finally came forth publicly as a gay. He not only cherishes his sexuality but also is a proud gay parent as he raises his son with a support from his partner.

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He is openly dating boyfriend Steve Huesing, a director of planning and inventory management at Meijer Inc. Even though the beginning of their relationship is still a mystery, they seem to have been together for a while now.

Their relationship is Instagram official as Gunderson often posts pictures with his boyfriend on his social media. Gunderson made sure to wish his partner Valentine's Day, with the partners celebrating the day of love together.

In Valentine's day 2018, Gunderson, who has a net worth in millions, posted a picture of his arms wrapped around boyfriend Steve. Through the caption, he revealed that having the person you love by your side is one of the best feelings.

LZ Gunderson with partner Steve Huesing on Valentine's Day. (Photo: LZ Gunderson's Instagram)

Adding to it, the couple often makes public appearances together, along with Gunderson's kid. They attended the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards together and were seen socializing with the biggest who's who of the industry. 

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Well, the TV host surely seems to have found bliss with his family of three, as he has been hitting newer heights of success in his career post coming out.