Maiara Walsh Boyfriend & Dating | Bonus - Ethnicity, Parents & Facts

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The Disney Channel star, Maiara Walsh once engaged with...... into the dating life. But that romance was neither addressed nor confirmed publicly. She is now dating.....At the age of....she started her career;...
Maiara Walsh Boyfriend & Dating | Bonus - Ethnicity, Parents & Facts

The Brazilian American actress, Maiara Walsh is a household name from the Desperate Housewives franchise, with her famous portrayal of Ana Solis.

The diverse ethnicity actress got the prominent break as the Disney Channel star after appearing in the Cory in the House. In addition to fame, she also met the special friends who later she started dating with.

Maiara - aged 30, turned her co-stars into her boyfriend but their dating life was only short-lived. However, she amazed her followers after she quoted about her boyfriend when she was assumed to be out of dating league.

Boyfriend In Dark; Dating History of Cory in The House Star

Seemingly Maira Walsh was expected to have retired from the dating field. But her 2011's tweet that stated about her boyfriend kept all her followers in a dilemma to rethink about her dating life. 

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On 23 March 2011, she tweeted about her boyfriend quoting that he boyfriend got selected to spin at Coachella.

Maiara Walsh tweets about the boyfriend (Photo: Maiara Walsh's Twitter)

The Disney Channel star, Maiara Walsh once engaged with four other Disney star into the dating life. But that romance was neither addressed nor confirmed publicly.

After appearing on the 2007's series, Cory in the House, she dated three co-stars from the series.

A different feeling struck her after the first time she encountered Jason Dolley, who is three years younger than her on the set back in 2004. Their romance was short-lived ranging from January 2004 to July 2004.

Maiara Walsh and her "Cory in the House" co-star boyfriend (Photo:

Shortly afterward, she was swirling the romantic air with another star of Cory in the House, Kyle Massey in 2007. Compared to short dating tenure with Jason Dolley, she dated Kyle for two long years from 2007 to 2009.

It is also reported that she shortly dated Sean Marquette in between 2008 to 2009 and Cody Linley in 2009.

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Similarly, the Suite Life of Zack star Cole Sprouse also romantically linked with the actress in 2009.  After dating Cole Sprouse, she was making the romance with the Corbin Bleu from 2009 to 2010.

Moreover, the actress seemed to be more concern over her childhood dream rather than sharing the romance with the co-stars. So regardless of her dating history, at the moment, she is not dating anyone.

Mixed Ethnicity Actress, Parents Of Diverse Background; Supportive Family

The mixed ethnicity actress, Maiara has a mixed ancestry in her family background. 

The Seattle, United States native was born on 18 February 1988 in Washington to an American father of Irish, German, English, and French-Canadian descent and a Brazilian mother, Lydia Walsh.

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The actress was raised in her mother's native land, Brazil along with her sister Magda Walsh. So, since childhood, she is very close to her Brazilian grandmother.

On 2018's mother's day, she Instagrammed the old picture where the little Maiara was posing with her mother and grandmother.

Maiara Walsh, her mother, and grandmother (Photo: Maiara Walsh's Instagram)

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Her family helped a lot to polish the little girl to an actress. When she was aged 11, her family moved from Seattle to California, and she started to take the acting classes.

With the support of her parents, today, she has dominated the whole entertainment industry. The versatile actress and singer are also fluent in Portuguese and Spanish aside from English.