Marc Anthony Thompson Wife, Married, Net Worth

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Marc Anthony Thompson Wife, Married, Net Worth

Marc Anthony Thompson is an American musician and songwriter known famously by his alternative name Chocolate Genius. Under this stage name, he released albums like Black Music(1998) and God Music(2001) that went onto receive favorable reviews from critics.

Apart from albums, he has also composed, and written scores for several notable films and shows including I Am Sam(2011) and Twin Falls Idaho(1998).

Marc Anthony Thompson Background Plus Music

Originally of Afro-Panamanian descendant, Marc Anthony Thompson was born in Panama. While he was a kid, he moved to Los Angeles with his parents.

He grew up taking inspiration to create music from acclaimed artists such as Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye and soon started writing his songs. Eventually, he released his first solo album titled Marc Anthony Thompson in 1984.

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After migrating to New York in 1992, he started to release several records in collaboration with other musical group and even toured with Bruce Springsteen. His albums like Black Yankee Rock (2005), Swan songs (2005) has a distinctive style with a fusion of rock, jazz, soul and hip-hop.

Marriage, Birthday & Height

As for Marc Anthony Thompsons espoused life, he has been married twice.

He shares two daughters with his wife Kate Starlin and a son and another daughter with his second wife whose name is unknown among the public.

His wife Kate Starlin is half-Mexican and a photographer by profession. As per his daughter Tessa Thompson, Marc resided with his second wife and children during Tessa's childhood days. However, it's unknown whether Marc is still living together with his second wife.

Any official information on Marc Anthony's age and his height are also kept in secrecy. Also, his place of education and schooling is not disclosed.

Marc Anthony Thompson's Daughter Is A Superhero!

Well, one of his daughter Tessa Thompson is a female superhero on the screen to be exact.

She is a leading black actress in Hollywood these days with a net worth of 4 million dollars. She went onto play the role of female superhero Valerie in the Marvel movie franchise and gave her performance on favorite films and series like Westworld(2016), Creed(2015), and Dear white people(2018).

Tessa Thompson taking a picture with her mother, Kate Starlin (Photo: Tessa Thompsons Twitter)

She has been very vocal as an artist in speaking out on several issues of racism that are faced by black people within and outside the industry.

During the premiere of her movie Selma(2014), she organized a protest along with her co-stars in response to the killing of unarmed black men Eric Garner and Michael Brown by the police.

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Marc Anthony Thompson has not only succeeded in generating incredible records but has provided the industry with exceptional talents as an artist and a father.