Reason For Megyn Kelly To Visit Paris With Husband And Children in 2015: Married in 2008

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You have seen her joyous attitude hosting ‘The Kelly File’ and you’ve seen her heated up, butting heads with Donald Trump. Megyn Kelley@megynkelly has been visualized as a bold confident woman who has ruled the positions as one of the top-rated journalists but never been linked to her off-screen life as nothing more than a wife.
Reason For Megyn Kelly To Visit Paris With Husband And Children in 2015: Married in 2008

Quick Information

  • Ex-Husband Daniel Kendall (m. 2001–2006)
  • Lesbian No
  • Body Measurements 35-25-36 Inches
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Hair Long
  • Feet (Shoe) Size 8 (US)
  • Weight 59 Kg
  • Height/ How Tall? 5' 6" (1.68 m)
  • College Syracuse University
  • High School Bethlehem Central High School
  • Career 1995-present
  • Net Worth $30 Million
  • Salary $23 Million Per Year
  • Dating/Affair No
  • Date of Birth Nov 18, 1970
  • Age 53 Years, 3 Months
  • Divorce/Split Yes (Once)
  • Husband/Spouse Douglas Brunt (m. 2008)
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Daughter/s Yardley Evans Brunt
  • Son/s Edward Yates Brunt, Thatcher Bray Brunt
  • Sister/s Suzanne Crossly
  • Brother/s Pete Kelly
  • Mother Linda Kelly
  • Father Edward Kelly
  • Ethnicity/Race Mixed
  • Zodiac Sign Scorpio
  • Birth Name Megyn Marie Kelly
  • Profession Journalist
  • Nationality American

You have seen her joyous attitude hosting ‘The Kelly File, ’ and you’ve seen her heated up, butting heads with Donald Trump. Megyn Kelley is visualized as a bold, confident woman, who has ruled the positions as one of the top-rated journalists but, never been linked to her off-screen life as nothing more than a wife.

Megyn Kelley is a fascinating personality on TV but what about her personal life? Find out about her married life and who is her husband and does she have any children?

On a Family Vacation to France:

Megyn Kelly was spotted in France with her entire family of four in 2015. If you didn’t know much about her family, then she is married to Douglas Brunt, who is a New York Times best.

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Kelly with husband and children after a day of shopping (Photo:

They have been husband and wife for nearly eleven years now, and their marriage has produced them, three children. Two sons named Edward and Thatcher, who age nine & five respectively, and a seven-year-old daughter named Yardley.

Romantic Back Story:

Brunt and Kelly look very good together in every photo. It gets you wondering how this power couple met? According to a story on a social media page called Humans of New York, Brunt - who previously worked as an internet security officer - claimed,

"We started dating shortly after she acquired a stalker—bad start, I know. So she had security with her 24/7. Our first date went great. It was the kind of night that was clearly going to end with a kiss. But I had to kiss her in front of the security guards. It was awkward. It was like our parents were watching. The next morning she knocked on my hotel room door. She was alone. She walked into the room, and said: ‘I can do better.’”

It was nothing fancier than a simple date except a few security guards staring at them. So, it happens that Kelly was having a bit of a stalker problem so for her protection, she had been tagging along with security with her 24/7.

They had a good first date that ended with a kiss, but it was awkward due to the sets of eyes that were on them the whole time. But the very next morning Brunt would come to find a delightful surprise knocking on his door.

It was Kelly, who entered alone this time and said that she could do it much better and kissed him properly. From that point on, he must have known somewhere that she was the one.

Little did they both knew that shortly after in September of 2007, he would be proposing to her on the beach in New Jersey. Later in 2008, they got married.

About Her Husband:

Her hubby, Douglas Brunt used to be the President and CEO of Authentium, an Internet Security Firm that he later sold to become a writer and publisher. He has written ‘Ghosts of Manhattan’ which was a New York Best-Seller. Another famous book of his is ‘The Means.'

The Past Fling:

Before Brunt, Kelley was married to an anesthesiologist, Dr. Daniel Kendall. They had been married on September 29, 2001, but were divorced by 2006.

The cause of their divorce was not revealed at that time until Kendall, in an interview with the Daily Mail, replied to a comment made by Kelly that she had been betrayed by love as if indicating her previous marriage with Kendall.

In the interview, Kendall said that he had been faithful to Kelley all his life and that was not the reason they split. In reality, they both wanted a wife meaning that both of them wanted to work and there was nobody left to take care of the household. So it was a mutual decision to go separate ways and still be friends.

Megyn Kelly presently is happy to spend the rest of her life with Douglas Brunt and her children. The 45-year old seems more than satisfied with the way her marriage is going.

In her on-screen life, she appears on her show ‘The Kelly File’ in 2013. She started her journalism career after a brief involvement in law. She has an undergraduate degree in political science from Syracuse University and a JD in law from Albany Law School.

Tussle With Trump:

Everyone knows that Donald Trump and Megan Kelly are not on the best of terms and have had a lot of on-air disputes. In October 2016, Megan Kelly again clashed against one of Trump's attorney.

While Megan was in discussion with strategist Julie Roginsky and attorney David Wohl related to Donald Trump's sexual assault cases, David started to undermine the situation and make reasonable charges like the victim, Summer Zerbo's reading from the script.

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This forced Megyn to speak out saying, "Oh, c’ mon, David, she was nervous" adding "Because she was nervous and she wanted to get it right. The stakes are very high."

Wohl even started to blurt out things like the women assaulted weren't attractive enough and also marked to the accusers that he was, "not the man I know.” to which Kelly graciously cut him by saying, "Generally the sexual predators don’t do it to their guy friends.”

Megyn Kelly Leaves Fox for NBC

Fox News revealed that it has released Megyn from its contract early on and has agreed to her leaving terms.

Later on, she also thanked the network and fans for their support and said her goodbyes saying,

"Finally tonight, a personal and professional note, from me to you. After more than a dozen years at Fox News, I have decided to pursue a new challenge, This was a tough decision for me, because I love this show, our staff, my crew, my colleagues here at Fox, and you, those who write me the lovely handwritten notes, asking about my kids, and even those who -- very rarely -- complain on Twitter about our coverage after our show, or a presidential debate."

She also answered the questions regarding her move saying that she wanted to take more time off to care for her children and family and their love.

A source followed up on her assertion and supported her decision saying,

"Everyone is, and was, putting so much emphasis on the money aspect and how no other network would give her $20 million. But no one was listening to what she was hitting at the entire time -- which was that she wanted a schedule that would give her more time with her kids and allow her time to focus on specials. It's more important for Megyn to see her kids off to school and be home for dinner with her husband -- who has done a great job of being Mr. Mom for most of 2016, something she credits him for often." 

Using her free rein to join any possible news outlet, she chose NBC as her new home. Megyn was paid a massive amount of $69 million when she joined NBC in a three-year contract.

After joining NBC, she gained a further following and followed up on different controversial news segments and stories she wasn't given a chance to cover as part of the Fox News team. 

She followed up on massively popular interviews and brought the spark to NBC for a while. Her interview/argument with InfoWars host Alex Jones blew up, including her accusations about the host lying about the Sandy Hooks incident.

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However, her reign at NBC wasn't meant to last long. Apparently, her colleagues at the network were not happy with NBC paying a vast amount to Megyn. Further, her regular controversial comments were making the news channel look insensitive, as some claim.

Moreover, her statement mentioning that there was no racism in a white man putting on a black-faced mask was blown out of proportion. Her last report was subsequently the reason for her premature contract's termination from the news network.

As of 2019, reports have been surfacing that Megyn will make a comeback on Fox News. The lawyer-turned-journalist is yet to comment on the matter.