Mark Worman Bio Reveals All - From Net Worth To Wife Details & Age

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Mark Worman Bio Reveals All - From Net Worth To Wife Details & Age

Mark Worman, the leading man of Graveyard Carz, is not only a reality rockstar but also a kind-hearted man at large. While success follows him everywhere he goes, the TV actor is not about to leave for anywhere without his loving wife and family. 

Mark's bio reveals all about his personal and professional life including his net worth, age, and more.

Shares Married Life With Wife; Family With Five Generations

Mark Worman is a happily married man, who shares his personal life and space with his loving wife of years. Although it's not revealed how the couple initially fell in love or how they got married, the pair together looks perfect as husband and wife.

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Mark and his wife also have a beautiful daughter in their family named Allysa Rose. Overall, Mark is a family guy and loves spending his free time with his folks. Mark's daughter, Allysa who is active on social media, loves showering her Instagram feed with lovely moments of the Worman family. 

The Wormans love celebrating different events and festivals together including Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, & more. And, Allysa - a mother to her two daughters - has it all covered.

Mark Worman's wife(second from left) & daughter Allysa(second from right), with her grandmother(right), two daughters (Photo: Allysa Rose's Instagram)

Further, Mark's grandmother is also alive and healthy, making the Wormans a family have the generations of five.

Mark Worman's Bio: Age, Net Worth, DOB, And More

The automobile expert, who is often referred to as the "Mopar Guru," can be seen flaunting his incredible restoration skills on the American reality show, Graveyard Carz.

Mark, who ages 56 as per his date of birth i.e. 21 August 1962, is also a television producer and is best known for producing short movies and shows including Trinket and LA Business Today. Apart from his TV series and other side projects, the reality star also serves as the Executive Producer / CEO of a major production house named The Division Productions.

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Mark's bio suggests that he was previously a bodybuilder with a muscular and athletic body. Although he no longer maintains a tightly packed posture, the man with the height of 5 feet 9 inches has kept his weight in check and currently weighs about 215 lbs (98 kg).

The vehicles repair expert has not only made name and fame from his career as a TV personality/producer, but he has also accumulated a substantial net worth from his job. 

According to a 2014 report, his net worth amounted to $500 thousand when the Graveyard Carz was running its third season. However, the series is now airing its 10th season, so Mark's net worth have probably exceeded a million.