Which Of Jake Paul's Girlfriends Made Him Fall Madly In Love?

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Which Of Jake Paul's Girlfriends Made Him Fall Madly In Love?

The YouTube star and social media sensation Jake Paul, better known as JP, is undoubtedly talented and one of the coolest vloggers.

With more than 20 million YouTube subscribers and over 19 million Instagram followers, Jake has built a massive online empire. As Jake is an A-list celeb on social media, his every move makes headlines. Be it his statement or his relationship with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, his personal life has been open to the world, making him difficult to have peaceful connections. 

Jake Paul’s Girlfriend

A social media star, Jake Paul, age 25, has many fans and followers who peek at his day-to-day life through social networking sites. 

Every one of his followers is interested in his life and who he is dating. Jake has dated many beautiful girls, but he seems to be in a committed relationship recently.

Jake is currently dating Julia Rose. Jake met his girlfriend for the first time in 2019 while filming his song ‘These Days.’ 

In an interview on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Jake admitted that he fell in love with his girlfriend, Julie, within some hours of filming. 

Jake shared how he fell in love with his girlfriend at first sight and that he had never felt that feeling before with anyone. 

He also mentioned confessing his devotion to his now-girlfriend just after six hours of filming together. Julie was somehow confused at first, but she said, “He’s crazy. He’s psycho, but I like it.”

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However, the couple had an on-and-off relationship since 2020. 

Jake and his girlfriend, Julie, have been dating for more than two years. They even hinted at getting engaged. But in early 2022, the couple split up. Jake even started dating another model named Sky Bri. Sky was also flaunting their relationships on social media like his past girlfriends.

But according to, some insiders of Pagesix shared how miserable Jake was after his breakup. Likewise, they also added how Julie was still in Jake’s heart and was one for him even after dating another girl. 

Maybe after dating another girl, Jake realized how important Julie was and soon got back together with her. 

Jake Paul's Girlfriend

Jake flaunts his girlfriend on social media. (Source: Instagram)

These days Jake has been flaunting his relationship with the love of his life, Julie, on his social media. 

It is said that you have to date many people to find your perfect person. Jake proved this saying by finding his love after dating several girls. 

Jake Paul’s Past Affairs

Jake had dated many gorgeous women, but one of his relationships created quite a buzz!

Though Jake got linked up with many YouTubers, he became famous for dating the gorgeous and talented Alissa Violet. After an on-and-off relationship. They started dating officially in June of 2016.

Soon after they publicized their relationship, they were continuously referred to as #relationshipgoals or #jalissabffgoals.

But, when “Jalissa” were stealing and captivating many hearts, they ended their relationship in February 2017. The news about the split of Jake and Alissa, who used to live in the same house and make cute videos together, came out as a shocking and surprising story.

While many people were not getting over their cute videos and pictures, Jake's ex-girlfriend Alissa revealed that Jake cheated on her and was emotionally abusive.

Though Jake dated Alissa openly and was linked with several beauties, some people still misunderstood him as gay due to his unsuccessful affair with ex-girlfriend Alissa.

Before being in a committed relationship, Jake has pranked his many fans with getting engaged or getting married rumors. But,  Jake’s pranks are on the next level. 

Jake Paul Getting Engaged And Married

The news of Jake sparking his romance with fellow YouTube star Erika Costell surfaced in the media within a blink of an eye. After knowing each other as a Team Ten’s family members, the pair got married with ring pops like YouTube star Social Repose and his love interest Jaclyn Gleen. 

They exchanged vows back on 18 June 2017 in a dual ceremony with Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton in Las Vegas. Despite the official ritual in the ceremony, Jake ended the video by saying that the marriage was just a part of the joke.

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Around the same time, when Erika also launched her official YouTube channel, the pair started making collaborative videos quoting each other partners. Within some days, Erika’s YouTube channel gained over 1 million subscribers.

The public appearance of Jake and Erika as partners covered up the rumors of their dating, making their fans believe that they were in love. 

Though Jake proudly called Erica his wife in his YouTube videos, he clarified their rumored relationship status. He simplified the allegation by saying that he is no more than a best friend with Erika and only shares friendship with her. Post the break-up; he remained single in the public eye.

But again, Jake made headlines when he got engaged to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau on 24th June 2019. However, fans were skeptical of their union as Jake had earlier fooled fans with a fake wedding.

But, the social media powerhouse couple remained adamant about the authenticity of their love and engagement. Jake and his girlfriend kept showering each other with love and posting pictures and stories together on Instagram.

After the massive buildup, Jake got married to Tana on 28th July 2019 in Las Vegas. The wedding was a public affair as people could watch the live ceremony streaming by paying $50.

Jake Paul with his wife

Jake Paul poses with wife Tana Mongeau on 28th July 2019 at LasVegas ( Source: Dailymail)

Also in attendance were 300 guests, including Jake’s YouTube sensation brother, Logan Paul. 

Even after literally getting married in front of the whole world, there was speculation of him pranking his fans. 

Later, Tana revealed that the ceremony was just for fun and that they had not obtained a marriage license. Not having a marriage license did not make them married and proved everyone’s speculations. 

Jake has been one of the best pranksters, and with this, he has built his humongous career. 

Jake Paul's Career

Jake Paul was born on January 17, 1997, to parents Greg Paul and Pam Stepnick. Before gaining popularity as a YouTube star, Jake was a Vineographer who had more than 5 million followers when the app was discontinued.

One of the rising stars of the Internet, Jake frequently makes videos with his brother Logan Paul, and he has now launched Team 10, where he works with other social media stars.

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Jake Paul is a successful YouTuber who has earned over 20 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel. The interesting facts about Jake are that he is just twenty-five years old and has established his name as one of the A-list stars.

He is also known as “One Take Jane,” as he can complete any difficult scenes and shows in only one take.

Jake undoubtedly receives a great salary from his profession, making his net worth around $50 million. 

At the moment, Jake is focusing on his music, boxing career, and girlfriend. 

Stay tuned to get more updates on Jake Paul.