Who Are Morris Chestnut Wife & Kids? Family Details, Parents, Net Worth

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Who Are Morris Chestnut Wife & Kids? Family Details, Parents, Net Worth

Morris Chestnut's list of on-screen muse runs innumerable; Vivica Fox, Halle Berry, Monica Calhoun, and most recently Regina Hall are just a handful of gorgeous actresses, who have created undeniable on-reel chemistry with the Boyz N The Hood star.

But every one of the said chemistries pales in comparison when placed next to the California native's history with his wife, who happens to be the mother of his kids. So, a question begs: Who's the woman that has successfully tamed one of Hollywood's most prominent sex symbols?

Wife & Kids - A Look At Morris Chestnut's Adorable Family

It was love at first sight -- well, at least for Morris!

On a work-related trip to Atlanta some quarter century ago, he ran into his wife, Pam Byse in a club. The moment he first laid his eyes on her, he knew then and there that she was the one for him. Learning about her "good girl" qualities from a mutual friend only made him want her more.

Morris Chestnut attends The Best Man premiere red carpet event with his wife Pam Byse circa 1999 (Photo:- essence.com)

However, it was seeing how well Pam got along with her nephews and nieces that convinced him into starting a family with her. Married in the summer of 1995, Morris and his wife went on to have two kids: a son, Grant and a daughter, Paige.

Interestingly enough, Paige is an aspiring Runway model managed by LA-based agency, Rode Model Management. As she seemingly inherited her father's height (Six foot or 183 cm); at five foot and nine inches, she's a daddy's little girl through and through. The same is true of her brother, who much like her, is growing all too fast.

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Morris, for his part, never downplays the role of his daughter and the rest of family in shaping the star he is today. Extremely faithful to his wife, the former Living Single star - who is no stranger to gay remarks - cites mutual respect between the two for the longevity in their marriage and his kids for keeping him grounded.

Morris Chestnut poses alongside with his wife and their kids for a family portrait while on a trip in Bahamas Island in December 2017 (Photo:- Paige Chestnuts Instagram)

As a result, his relationship with Pam and their children is the only aspect of his life which is yet to go through a rough patch; even his behemoth of a filmography has seen some bad years.

Net Worth From Movies & TV Show

A graduate of California State University, Morris, now age 50, came to prominence in the early '90s by starring in now-classic flick Boyz N The Hood. And over the years, he starred in over 30 films both as the lead and as the supporting act; Higher Learning, The Brothers, The Best Man, Think Like a Man, and The Best Man Holiday to name a few.

His TV appearances are just as impressive. Starring in TV shows such as Freddy's Nightmares, Out All Night, C-16: FBI, V, Nurse Jackie and most recently, Rosewood, his life at the small screen - with hair or without one - has spawned countless generation-defining characters.

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For all his dedication and sacrifice, Morris - whose birthday falls on the same day as the New Years Day - has amassed a reported net worth of more than $10 million and made his family proud including his parents; Shirley Chestnut & Morris Chestnut, Sr.