MyAnna Buring Ultra Secretive About Married & Husband But Not Baby, Why?

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MyAnna Buring, known for her role in In The Dark, recently welcomed a baby...into her life. MyAnna revealed the news back in... while appearing in...after...weeks of giving birth to her baby on...While she is open about revealing her life as a mother, MyAnna hardly shares details about the father of her baby. MyAnna prefers to keep the identity of the man she shares her baby with...
MyAnna Buring Ultra Secretive About Married & Husband But Not Baby, Why?

MyAnna Buring is one of those celebrities who would rather prefer to keep their personal life a secret than to flaunt in the social media. Unlike most of the entertainers with their love life out in the open, MyAnna would rather keep it under the wraps.

But turns out the actress shares a somewhat similar story with one of the characters she portrays. MyAnna, who is known for her role in In The Dark, recently went through something similar in her life just like the one in the BBC One series. 

While her character recently got pregnant in the series, MyAnna just welcomed motherhood into her life. Here are few insights on the newborn baby which has raised eyebrows among her fans regarding her married life. 

Welcomes First Baby, Who Is The Possible Husband?

MyAnna Burning, the Swedish-born actress, has acclaimed her status as a talented actress in the world of entertainment. MyAnna gained her recognization through various roles in the movies and TV shows.

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While not many celebrities find their real life in the folds of the scripts, MyAnna shares a similar reel life and real life story. Like her character, DI Helen Weeks in the BBC One series In the Dark found herself pregnant, MyAnna too recently welcomed a baby boy into her life.

MyAnna Burning showing the post-pregnancy body. (Photo:

In May 2017, the Ripper Street star cherished the motherhood she recently got acquainted with. MyAnna revealed the news back in July 2017, while appearing in the Lorraine. She divulged that she had the baby eight weeks ago. 

Reminiscing the coincidence, the One Night actress, explained saying,

"My character was pregnant then I got pregnant! When I filmed I had a baby bump and I got to practice what it looked like to be pregnant. I liked it so much I did it myself!" 

Unlike many MyAnna had an experience before she had her real baby bump but to her, it was nothing like actually holding another life into her body.

While playing the pregnant detective, MyAnna had to wear a prosthetic baby bump despite just giving the birth herself. Divulging about the experience, MyAnna said,

“It was quite heavy and a little bit hot, which is quite useful in that it affected me the way we wanted it to affect me,"

Well, MyAnna is surely glad to have a little version of herself in her life. While she is open about revealing her life as a mother, MyAnna hardly shares details about the father of her baby or the relationship that she shares with him.

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MyAnna prefers to keep the identity of the man she shares her baby with a secret. It is not known if she is already married to her possible husband or just sharing the parenting together but she revealed that they have been "together for a few years."

Adding to it, she even cryptically mentioned that the baby should be a good linguist as they have three languages English, Swedish and Portuguese between them hinting that her partner might be a Portuguese.

However, it has been clear that he is not someone from the celebrity world!

Hiding Personal Life Under The Viel - Why?

Well, MyAnna, who began her career as an actress late at the age of 24, would rather opt for a low-key love life than gush about her partner. Recently, MyAnna explained why she hardly talks about her private life.

Talking with Daily Express, MyAnna expressed that she doesn't feel 'pressure' to come forth with her personal life as the actress is now in her 30s.

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Turns out she had decided to keep her private life out of bounds quite early as she paved her path to the stardom. MyAnna expressed saying,

"I don’t talk about my personal life ever and quite early on I decided that was out of bounds. If I was in my early twenties, I might feel pressure to talk about home life."

She believes that she is not in need to discuss her personal matters with the whole world. She said,

"I have my friends and my family I can talk to about issues in my life, so I don’t feel it’s something I need to talk to the whole world about."

Well, the Downton Abbey actress, who launched her career as an actress with a role in the critically-acclaimed horror film The Descent, seems to be doing just fine without all the publicity and swirling rumors. Indeed, MyAnna enjoys a massive net worth while having a family of her own.