History Confirms Paul Mooney Gay Rumors? Tour, Health, Family & Facts

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History Confirms Paul Mooney Gay Rumors? Tour, Health, Family & Facts

The Award-winning comedian, Paul Mooney made his name writing for the late comedian Richard Pryor and Red Foxx for decades. 

Known as the Comedian's Comedian, Paul Mooney was engaged into the gay rumors after his best friend, Richard Pryor subtly hinted on his bisexuality despite his married life.

But to the gay rumors, Paul has added his recent dating life, which is all over social media and few flings in-between. 

Is Paul Mooney Gay?

The standup comedian Paul Mooney is surrounded with the gay rumors that have been arousing for decades.

Since the 1977 roast, the Shreveport, Louisiana native has been the subject of bi-sexuality as fellow American stand-up comedian Richard Pryor admitted publicly about his gay sexual activities and also jokingly claimed Paul's sexuality as a gay.

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Paul's gay rumors heated more after MADtv actor Aries Spears addressed that "Paul has some sugary moves" during an interview with VladTV on March 2016.

Additionally, in 2018, Paul's gay rumor remained to continue hit the headlines after he responded to Quincy Jones who said that Richard had sex with actor Marlon Brando. 

The American record producer Quincy addressed on Richard and Marlon's sexual relationship during an interview with Vulture on 7 February 2018, where he said:

"Marlon Brando used to go cha-cha dancing with us. He could dance his ass off. He was the most charming motherf***er you ever met. He’d f**k anything. Anything! He’d f**k a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye."

Meanwhile, a day later, Paul tweeted on 8 February 2018 hitting on Quincy's comment, where he said:

"Day 8 of the 28 day challenge is a legendary trio, my friend Richard Pryor, the great Marlon Brando, geniuses Marvin Gaye and Baldwin, getting too many calls from irrelevant, sick n thirsty gravediggers who'll do/sell anything for a dime or relevance."

However, Richard's widow, Jennifer Lee confirmed on the producer's revelation and said that the comedian wouldn't have any issues with Quincy's confession as he would laugh about it.

She also verified that Richard was open to bisexuality and was documenting about it in one of his diaries.

Supportive Family; Doesn't Want To Stop

The Standup comedian, Paul Mooney, who was swirled with the gay rumors in the past, has a family to rejoice instead.

He got married to the actress Yvonne Mooney back in 1973, but the couple could not sustain their married life, and hence they ended up in divorce.

Although his married life ended anonymously, he still cherishes the family life with his three sons named Daryl Mooney, Dwayne Mooney and Shane Mooney with a daughter named Spring. Well, he lost his one son named Symeon as he was murdered in 2001. 

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After his married life ended, he was spotted with multiple females including Lori Petti and Stacy J for a brief period which surely sweeps the gay rumors away. As of 2018, he has been sharing the romantic bond with the singer Chaka Khan.

The love seems to be showering the couple as on the 2018's Valentines Day; Paul shared the glimpse with Chaka in which she was sitting on the lap of the comedian. He tweeted;

"I'm having a fantastic evening @ChakaKhan each day is Valentine's Day!"

On the same day, he had replied to the tweet in which he mentioned Chaka as his" wife," and he adores her a lot. Seemingly their social media activities, they sure to have some deep chemistry. Though he called her a wife, they have not officially announced their relationship status.

Sharing the close shot of Valentine's day picture, he wished his love lady on her 65th birthday via tweet back on 23 March 2018. Also, he gushed that she is everything to him and her voice and presence are best for him claiming she has the "Heart and Voice of Gold."

Paul Mooney wishes Chaka Khan on her birthday (Photo: Paul Mooney's twitter)

Though the 77 aged Paul Mooney still stepped on the stage, he is not with the good health. The promoter of the All-Star LOL Comedy Tour, Gerald Belle, revealed that Paul was ill before he took the stage on March 2017 where he was booed and he had to leave the stage.

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Explaining about his illness, Gerald did not disclose the nature of the illness, but in 2014, it was reported that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. But his children cleared back in February 2016 that he does not have cancer and also claimed his forgetful habit to be the first stage of dementia.

With his aging, the comedian, who has a net worth of $500 thousand, does not want to stop as stated by his followers Tatia Day. She says he told her that “he doesn’t ever want to stop.”

Also, his daughter Spring supports her father's decision and claims that the family isn’t about to make him stop.