Here's Rick Nash Retirement Rumors, Also Meet His Loving Wife & Family

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Here's Rick Nash Retirement Rumors, Also Meet His Loving Wife & Family

Canadian professional hockey player, Rick Nash is known to have a long career on NHL with more than 1000 games to his resume. 

Rick, who is currently signed to Boston Bruins, has been rumored to be retired from the next season and the reason specified is none other than his wife and children. 

A married man, Rick has had suffered several injuries during his career and may be thinking of retiring from NHL to focus on his family and health.

And which such a loving family, it will be justifiable if the veteran player chooses his wife and kids over his hockey career.

Blessed Family Wife And Two Children;  Third Soon-To-Be-Arriving

Rick is married to a woman named Jessica Nash, who was previously his girlfriend. The couple tied the wedding knot in 2013. 

The hockey legend and his wife became parents to their first child named McLaren on 12 October 2014. After the birth of his son, Rick expressed his feelings and his joy in being a father, saying,

“It was the best feeling in the world. I don’t think you can compare it to anything unless you’ve had a child, as well.”

The duo was soon blessed with their second child: a daughter; however, not much about the kid including her name and other details have been disclosed.

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Rick's wife Jessica is currently pregnant with a third child, the fifth member of their family. But, the gender and due date of the upcoming kid has been kept a secret. 

The Brampton, Canada native is also close to his parents: Jamie and Liz Nash. Rick along with his wife, children and parents are often seen attending public events.

Back in November 2017 when Rick was honored for playing 1000 NHL games, he was together with his family.

Rick Nash along with his wife Jessica, kids, and parents during his 1000th NHL game (Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

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Rick, who was once accused of killing Harambe by a fan, has often been teased both on and off the field. A fan further claimed that he was matched on Tinder with Rick's wife, Jessica.

However, it was just meant as a joke and Rick also being a humble man, found humor with it.

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Rick, aged 34, was first drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft and played as a forward for the team. His stats reveal that he has played more than 1050 games in the NHL.

Rick later went on to play for the New York Rangers and is currently under a contract signed to Boston Bruins

The player, who is often prone to injury, has doubted his return to the next season of NHL due to his multiple head injuries causing concussions and other ill-effects on his health. His retirement talks, which earlier started as rumors, are now believed to be genuine, and Rick may not play on the 16th season of NHL.

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Rick, who currently earns a salary of $7.8 million from Boston Bruins, has not yet announced his decision but has revealed that the main reasons for his premature retirement are his health and family. 

Further, he claims a net worth of $20 million, so money is clearly not an issue for the hockey star.