Riley Smith Dating To Get Married? Meet His Cute A-List Girlfriend

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Riley Smith Dating To Get Married? Meet His Cute A-List Girlfriend

American actor Riley Smith is a known name among Hollywood fans who established himself with his comic timing in the early noughties. He later excelled at more serious roles and is best acclaimed for his performance in the CW series, Frequency.

The actor, along with his acting abilities, is also blessed with good looks which can even turn a straight guy into gay.

 Further, Riley is popular among the public for his colorful dating history and after being pictured kissing another Hollywood A-lister, the Nashville actor grabbed the attention of fans towards his personal life and more significantly his dating status.

If you too crave to know about the girlfriend, then this column is just for you!

Dating a Hollywood A-lister Girlfriend; Turned Her To Wife Or Parted?

Riley Smith, the Hollywood heartthrob who plays a gynecologist in the series Life Sentence, had a girlfriend to show from the series. His love interest was one of his co-stars, Lucy Hale, of Pretty Little Liars fame. 

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The couple got closer during the shoot of the series Life Sentence and brought their romance from the sets to real life. The cute couple was photographed kissing while waiting for their cars in the valet, after celebrating Valentine’s Day together in 2018.

Riley Smith spotted kissing his new girlfriend Lucy Hale after romantic dinner together (

The couple had a romantic dinner together, and coming out of the hotel, Lucy Hale carried a rose with her, a gift from her beau. The couple was even pictured sharing a lollipop furthering proofs that they were indeed in love with each other.

Despite no official announcements from the couple about their romance, one could surely guess from the photograph that their relationship didn't need a confirmation.

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Similarly, Riley and his girlfriend were also spotted enjoying some quality dating time at the beach in Hawaii in May 2018 after Life Sentence got canceled before the shooting for the second season had commenced. 

Fans were even expecting Riley to get married to Lucy and turn her into his wife. However, a few days after the couple was seen together in Hawaii, an insider came up with a shocking news of the pair's break up. The insider quoted Riley's busy schedule and work commitments as the reason for the duo's separation. 

“Riley and Lucy are no longer dating. He is recording an album, promoting his song ‘Hang’ and moving for his new show, Proven Inncoent. It just didn’t work out."

Lucy had already moved on with her life as she was seen holding hands with actor Ryan Rottman at a Starbucks in California, the same day her break up news surfaced in the media. Lucy and Ryan are currently assumed to be casually dating.

Riley's split with Lucy may be tragic but this isn't the first time he has broken up with a girl. Riley previously encountered a failed relationship with longtime girlfriend, Danneel Ackles.

The couple started dating in 2002, and there were rumors about the couple getting married, but the rumors of them sharing husband-wife relationship faded as they broke up later in 2006.

Multi-Talents All The Way: From Being Model, Actor To Singer

Riley Smith started his career as a model after being spotted by a talent spotter in a mall. The son of a horse ranch owner made a name for himself as a model and modeled for renowned brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Denim, and Calvin Klein during his time.

Moreover, the Iowa native, who once shared a room during the start of their modeling career with Two And A Half Men fame actor Ashton Kutcher, funded his acting classes fees with the money earned from modeling.

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Riley Smith with his band performing his hit single I'm on Fire (Photo: Country Fancast)

The Not Another Teen Movie star made his silver screen debut for FOX's series 24 and has not looked back ever since. Riley has created quite a niche for himself with his acting and has been acclaimed for his roles in cult classics Motocrossed (2001), Gallowwalkers(2012), and Deliverance Creek(2014).

Similarly, he was also praised for his part in the final series of True Blood in 2014.

Apart from his modeling and acting career Riley Smith is an accomplished singer; he is the frontman of the band Life Of Riley and performs in various events with the group. 

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