Riz Lateef's Family: Keeping Husband Secret After Getting Married?

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Riz Lateef's Family: Keeping Husband Secret After Getting Married?

It was our concern to know about journalism Enthusiast, Melissa Lee's husband. Similarly, we ought to know about Riz Lateef, a fellow journalist who is a complete package of what we often say ‘Beauty with a Brain.' Let’s find out if she has a boyfriend or she is a single woman like Melissa Lee.

Is she Married? Who is her Husband?

 Digging up a little, we found Riz’s personal life to be somewhat bewildering. Her Wikipedia bio has failed to mention about her married life.  However, when we investigated her Twitter account, we discovered a never been known fact.

In a tweet she made on October 26, 2013, Melissa said that she was heading to see Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta in Don Quixote at Royal Opera House, adding that she was not sure if her husband felt the same way.

Here's another. On June 12, 2014, she revealed why her husband was pleased, on her Twitter. 

The tweets are enough to say that she was a married woman. However, is she still married? If she is, then she has been keeping her husband away from the eyes of the media, which is somehow similar to what Christina Park has been doing.

Furthermore, we couldn't find any information or evidence regarding Riz Lateef's rumored pregnancy and children.

Riz Lateef’s Short Bio:

Riz Lateef was born on September 25, 1979 (age 36) in England. Riz holds an MBA.

Her first recorded job was a management consultant. In 1998, a broadcast magazine gave her a shot seeing her potential to be a television industry’s young hotshot.

Riz has worked as a relief presenter for BBC News 24, BBC Weekend News and BBC Channel. Late joined BBC London in 2004.

She began presenting BBC News 24 from 2006 after the departure of Emily Maitlis. She is currently working as a newsreader and deputy news manager at BBC Network.