Openly Gay Scott Evans Didn't Come Out Willingly; Dating Status Unveiled

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Openly Gay Scott Evans Didn't Come Out Willingly; Dating Status Unveiled

Once you make it big in Hollywood, it propels you to such stardom that every movement you make will be noticed. Similar is the case with the American actor Scott Evans whose actions came to the limelight due to his convincing role as a gay in the series One Life to Live.

Despite not coming out himself, the spectators came to know that he is a gay in real life as well. Curious to know who accidentally disclosed his big secret?

If you truly crave to know the answer, then you need to keep reading as we reveal about the accidental disclosure, and also shed some light on the current dating status of the star.

Scott Evans' Accidental Revelation

Scott Evans, famous for the ABC daytime soap, One Life to Live, admits that his friends and family knew about him being a gay from his teenage. But, he didn't reveal his sexuality, fearing it would hinder his career. 

However, it was accidentally revealed by his older brother, Chris Evans, the man who portrays the role of Captain America in Marvel movies.

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During an interview with the Advocate, Chris accidentally revealed the truth about his brother. When asked about Scott's sexuality, he confirmed that his brother was gay. He affirmed: 

Yes, I do have a gay brother. I’m down with the gays. Mostly I’m hanging out with him and his gay buddies, who are f*****g hilarious. They’re the funniest people I know.

Likewise in an interview, Scott shared that Chris received a lot of flak from his friends after outing his brother, and that is only when he realized his mistake. After realizing his error, Chris immediately asked if that affected Scott in any way. But Scoot was happy that his brother was comfortable enough to talk about his sexuality.

Scott further added that he was at ease about the revelation and didn’t blame Chris for the news. He even quoted:

"Dude, I don’t care. It’s as if you said Scott Evans has blonde hair and blue eyes.’ It’s who I am; I don’t really care."

After the incident, Scott helped Chris learn about the struggles the gay people face in their day to day life. The brothers now are strong advocates of gay rights, and Scott openly talks about his sexuality now through various social media.

Scott Evans' Love Life

Scott Evans, a Hollywood hunk with the height of 6 Feet (1.82 meters), has attracted immense attention in the media when it comes to his love life. And it seems that the openly gay is currently in a romantic relationship with a mysterious man.

The news about his partner broke out after he uploaded a picture of his male friend and labeled as his valentine, on 2018's Valentine's day.

Scott Evans getting cozy with his Valentine (Photo: Scott Evans' Instagram)

Although, the mysterious man was later revealed as Alexander Claud nothing surfaced about the nature of their relationship.

It is not clear when the romance started or ended. But, Scott moved on from his past relationship to a new one. And, it is starkly different than his previous relationship. 

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What is this significant difference? 

Well, in contrast to Scott’s hush-hush affair with Alexander, his relationship with new boyfriend Zach Volin is open.

Scott and Zach’s started their relationship back on 4th June 2018. And, the pair seem inseparable and deeply in love. The lovebirds celebrated their six month anniversary by posting a loved up picture on 4th December 2018. 

Scott Evans and Zach Volin take a selfie on 4th December 2018 on the occasion of their six months anniversary (Photo: Zach's Instagram)

Besides their love, something particular thing bonds Captain America’s brother and his boyfriend. The situation in question is none other their mutual love for dodgeball; they play and spend quality time together playing dodgeball matches. 

On more about Zach who stole Scott’s heart, he is a gym enthusiast. He sweats it out regularly in the gym and even posts about his gym antics in his social media. 

Judging by the images he shares, it seems Scott is enjoying his life after the curtains of his secret fell, all because of his brother's accidental error. But, the new couple has not spoken anything about getting married to this date.

But they have the earmarks of a happy couple and look ready to walk down the aisles and pronounce husband and wife!

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