Is Scott Hanson From NFL Married? Or Work Comes Before Affair?

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Scott Hanson And His Married Life With Wife Took A Lift! Got A Huge Chunk Out For Family. There are a lot of people out there who balance their time between work and personal life but few who take the bigger step. Scott Hanson, a reporter for the giant NFL network, is such a personality. The man barely talks about his personal life which has raised questions on if he is having an affair or is already married.
Is Scott Hanson From NFL Married? Or Work Comes Before Affair?

There are a lot of people out there who balance their time between work and personal life except a few, who take the bigger step. Scott Hanson, a reporter for the giant NFL network, is such a personality; the man barely talks about his personal life, which raises various questions regarding his love life.

But, that is not the issue here because Scott Hanson is much bigger than that!

Scott Hanson Too Passionate To Have An Affair?

Scott Hanson is someone who makes people gush, both men and women; that is just the way it is when a person is so committed to his work. Scott Hanson himself gets thrilled for the response he gets from people.

“Heck yeah, that gets you fired up, man! I mean, I’m an excitable guy, to begin with. But to know that people have invested in something you’re working on? It’s a thrill.”

Well, as of now, Hanson seems to be metaphorically married to his career. People consider their car as their wife, so why not a career?

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But there’s a backstory to his enthusiasm that shines like a holy aura!

Although Hanson still remains unmarried in 2019, he hopes to someday have a fancy wedding of his own but his future wife must fulfill his conditions. Hanson mentioned via a tweet on 7 October 2011 that he wanted his wife to praise him and show love towards her husband just the way Brenda Warner did for her former footballer husband, Kurt Warner.

Further, Hanson also considers himself to be in a relationship with football. He explained that the romance between himself and the sport is always refreshing and exciting.

Faith In Everything, Is Everything!

Scott's lesson on life has always been about people. He wakes up so he can deliver the best sports entertainment to people, and off-the-camera, Hanson is a godly man!

Hanson, so far in his life, has helped numerous people, which in return helped him to understand life itself. As per Hanson,

“I was totally burned out. I love sports, I LOVE football, but it’s not life. Life is a lot bigger. It’s a great aspect of life; but it’s not life. I’ve been blessed with a lot in my life, and I wanted to help bless other people.”

While working unbelievably hard in the NBC affiliate, he found himself in a place where everything was broken and lone. People thought he was crazy and so did he, because Hanson worked for about 17 hours straight back in the 90s.

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Scott even moved out from work to do charity. While living in a closet-sized room, and having foods that were donated, and serving people; he found his soul with the kindness he was spreading, mixed with all the prayers he did. Even today, Scott travels across countries to help children and people in need.

“Nobody hires someone who’s been serving spaghetti to the poor, that’s not what television executives are looking for.” Said Hanson who stood again to enter the entertainment biz.


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Scott has helped the poor across states and continents so far and is continuing the deed.

“You know, I’ve never thought about it that way, other than I know I’m a person who is prone to extremes. Whatever I do, I do it 100 percent.” 

Further, Scott also likes participating in adventurous activities and has made various accomplishments including running with bulls, reaching the peak of the Mt. Kilimanjaro located in Africa, trekking the Great Wall of China. During his lifetime, Scott has traveled six of the seven continents and is only left to visit Antarctica.

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The NFL broadcast hero has not revealed his net worth so far, but with the work he does, it is clear where he spends his earnings on. Scott, who earns an estimated salary of $106,080 from his career as a reporter for NFL, often involves himself in charitable works and donates a large part of his salary on charity.

Scott switched from working with CSN in Philly to Redzone and has remained with NFL so far. It might just be the reason why he is not vocal about his personal affairs!

While this is just the glimpse of what Hanson has done and achieved so far, he has so much more to share than just talking about if he is married and has a wife, don't you think so?