Is Shandi Sullivan Married? Cheated On Boyfriend Way Back, Now Laying Low?

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Is Shandi Sullivan Married? Cheated On Boyfriend Way Back, Now Laying Low?

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth Apr 02, 1982
  • Age 39 Years, 5 Months
  • Nationality American
  • Profession Model
  • Birth Name Shandi Dawn Sullivan
  • Nick Name The Great and Powerful Shandi, Evil Shandar, Shandite
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Children/Kids Not Yet
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Divorce/Split Not Yet
  • Boyfriend Not Known
  • Ex-Boyfriend Name Not Known
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
  • Height/ How Tall? 5 Feet 10 Inches (1.78 Meters)
  • Weight N/A
  • Lesbian No

American reality star, Shandi Sullivan rose to stardom as one of the weakest models in the bunch. Just when she was working her way up to the Top 3 of Cycle 2 of America's Next Top Model, her romance with a male model hindered her to reach the finale.

She cheated on her boyfriend with a male model and later, got herself a huge emotional burden of guilt.

But that's not all! 

Shandi has been busy uploading images of various men, terming them as "husband," which brings the insight that she might be already married. 

There's more to explore in your favorite reality contestant, Shandi Sullivan's personal life, so just keep reading!

Cheating Caught On Tape: 

America's Next Top Model does not lack heart-breaking and cringe-worthy moments.

One of such moments was when Shandi Sullivan cheated on her boyfriend with a hot male during the show's season two. The models did a photoshoot with different attractive models, and clearly, the Kansas City, Missouri native was charmed by one of them in particular. 

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During the photoshoot, Shandi and the model got cozy in a bathtub.

Shandi Sullivan cheated on boyfriend with the model (

But the cheating happened after Shandi got drunk and hooked up with the Italian model in Milan. The incident was captured in a videotape, which even led her to break down due to the fear of her boyfriend finding the tape. 

The model later confessed to her boyfriend on the phone which even viewers heard her boyfriend screaming on the next side “You had sex?!”

Though model-turned-DJ came clean to her boyfriend about her infidelity, the guilt and emotional burden were enough to spoil her performance, and on the tenth week, she got eliminated from the competition.

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However, Shandi reconciled with her boyfriend, but the relationships did not work out like before. And they eventually split without specifying the reason and the split timeline.

Shandi's activity attracted a lot of controversies, and eventually, it led to the downfall of the aspired model.

Well, the controversies did not end there. As the show ended, the beautiful model went out of the limelight. Her disappearance even hoaxed the rumors of her death. But the rumors were falsified after a source stated that she was alive and resided in New York. 

"Husbands" All Over Social Media; Loves Mysterious Man 

The top three finalists of America's Next Top Model, Shandi Sullivan, has hinted on her married life way back in 2013.

So is she married or it was just a part of her joke?

Well, the news of Shadi being married aired when she uploaded a picture of the lead character of Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder, writing we are going to wed next summer and have lots of children. 

Shandi Sullivan tweets Ian Somerhalder as her daydream husband in 2013 (Shandi Sullivan's Facebook) 

Further, she also added another photo on her Facebook account terming another actor, Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch as her husband. 

After her frequent playful post, Shandi shared a picture with a mysterious guy, captioning, 

"I love this man!" 

Shandi Sullivan with a mysterious guy (Photo: Shandi Sullivan's facebook)

Well, by the looks of Shandi's frequent husband tweets, it seems the reality star has got her bag of celebrity crushes, whom she wants to turn into her husband. But, she seems to be possibly single as she has not seen with anyone, whom we can call her husband.

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And it would be too early to claim anything on her relationship status until concrete information on her married life is evident. 

Though she has retired from the professional world, she indeed updates about her daily activities on social media. She took to Facebook on 9 June 2018 sharing the picture with an unknown personality Matthew Dunehoo. When her friend asked about her relationship with the man, she stated as her "best friend." 

Also, Matthew commented on the picture that he is ok with the bestie honors as long as there's a place for him at the table.

Well, with the comment, they seem to have something fishy under their palm. But as of now, they are regarded as a "best friend."