Sidney Torres Already Married With Wife & Family? Wiki Reveals All

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Sidney Torres is dating his girlfriend...They met back in...during...they remained low-key about their relationship but came forth publicly back in...after the birth of their baby daughter...Sidney also has a son named...from his previous relationship...
Sidney Torres Already Married With Wife & Family? Wiki Reveals All

Exposed to the world of real state at the early age of 20, the entrepreneur Sidney Torress has found success in what he does the best. He is known for his innovative practices at trash company called SDT Waste, also hosts one-hour episodes of CNBC’s The Deed which appeared for its second season. 

While he is off to the sets hosting the television series, he has his woman waiting for him back home. Sidney has been together with his wife like figure for a long time now and they even share a family of their own.

Well, here is what his wiki-like-bio reveals about his love life! 

Longtime Romance with Baby Mama- Soon To Be Wife?

Sidney Torres, who is much into renovating houses, has a family life apart from his work on the television series. He had been engaged before but never married. However, not much details relating to his engagement has been revealed.

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As of now, he currently shares a longtime bond with his current girlfriend who has been beside him since they met.

Sidney has been romantically involved with a woman who goes by name Selina White and is far off the radar of the media. Sidney crossed path with Selina back in July 2015 when he was putting together a small amateur sizzle reel with the help of Jason V.

Sindy was looking forward to pitching it to Jim at CNBC which gave a vision of his show. The hard he put into what he dreamt was what attracted Selina towards him. They hit it off really well but at the same time made sure to keep their relationship a low-key.

Despite knowing each other since 2015, neither Sidney nor Selina mentioned about each other. They remained silent only to finally appear together in public after the birth of their baby.

Sidney finally introduced Selina back in January during the New Year's Day and mentioned her as his baby mama on his Instagram post. Through the post, it seems that they were having quality time in the Bahamas.

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Since then Selina has made frequent appearances on his social media along with his recently born baby daughter. However, there has not been any news of their wedding despite sharing a family together.

Blissful Family Life

Sidney, who has the net worth of around $300 million, not only has a supportive wife like figure but also shares a family with her. Sidney and Selina share a baby girl together who is almost 2 years old. 

Selina gave birth to her daughter who was 8lbs during her birth in November 2016. They named her Sefina Donecia Torres. Adding to their family, the couple is also parents to three of their Golden Retrievers.

Sidney Torres with girlfriend Selina and baby Sefina. (Photo: Sidney Torres's Instagram)

Moreover, Sidney is also a father to his 20 years old son Sam Torres. As Sam was born long before he met Selina it has been speculated that Sam must have shared him with someone from his past relationship.

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Turns outs Sam often addresses Nikki Leonard as his mother. However, no relationship details have been found relating to Nikki and Sidney. Well, he still gets involved with his kids as he believes in being there for their children.