Does Sonoya Mizuno Have Husband? Age, Parents, To Height, Net Worth

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Crazy Rich Asian actress Sonoya Mizuno, age...speculating a brewing romance between the alleged boyfriend...Sonoya and her co-star’s on-screen husband-wife relationship...Sonoya’s first ever post features the dated photo of her parents from the back...the success of Crazy Rich Asians, her net worth...
Does Sonoya Mizuno Have Husband? Age, Parents, To Height, Net Worth

With the worldwide box office collection of $187.5 million till date -- thrice the movie’s budget($30 million), it’s safe to assume that the movie Crazy Rich Asians is a smash hit.

Film critic Emily Yoshida, writing for Vulture summed the movie as:

“Luckily, Crazy Rich Asians is, at its heart, a fish-out-of-water story, and it has a lot more going for it than its literal money shots.”

Amidst the whirlwind of all the praise and accolades is actress Sonoya Mizuno, age 30, who plays the character Araminta in the film.

Outshining her co-stars seems to be her most potent trait which has always been the case since her debut in 2015 sci-fi flick, Ex-Machina.

However, the world’s optic always seems to be on her dating life. For years, fans of the La La Land actress have wondered if their idol has a boyfriend or taken up a husband.

Romantically Linked With Co-Stars; Boyfriend & Husband Talks

Actor Chris Ping is the closest thing Sonoya has ever come to having “a boyfriend.” After all, the pair were cast to play as husband and wife respectively in the supporting roles in Crazy Rich Asians.

In the film, the Tokyo, Japan-native portrays a well-known model who gets married to Colin (played by Chris) in a lavish wedding.

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Critics and fans alike have lauded the chemistry between the two and some even going as far as speculating a brewing romance between the alleged boyfriend and girlfriend. But sadly, Sonoya - who stands at 5 feet and 7 inches(1.70 cm) in height - and Chris' on-screen husband-wife relationship never truly made it as reality.

Well, this wasn’t the first time that the La La Land actress has been linked with her co-stars.

Back in 2015, in the movie, Ex-Machina, the 30-year-old’s chemistry with actor Oscar Isaac - who has a reported net worth of $10 million - created quite the stir.

Sonoya and Oscar let loose in the movie Ex-Machina (Photo:-

Moviegoers had latched onto the fact that the pair had shared few sensual moments on-reel after which they started speculating that Sonoya and Oscar might be little more than just co-stars.

But just like the rumors surrounding the Annihilation actress and her co-star and alleged boyfriend, Chris Ping, there was no validity to the gossip of the pair being an item.

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One would conclude that she’s in everything but a relationship with a boyfriend or a husband, for that matter, if one were to go by her Instagram.

Inter-Racial Parents Shapes Sonoya's Ethnicity

That said, Sonoya's Instagram isn’t devoid of joyful things.

Her first ever post features the dated picture of her parents from back in the day; complementing them with the brief caption, “handsome parents.”

Sonoya shares the pictures of her parents on Instagram (Photo:- Sonoya Mizuno's Instagram)

The Crazy Rich Asians actress recognizes herself as belonging to mixed ethnicity because of her father’s Japanese heritage and her mother’s British-Argentinian background.

Since an early age, her parents encouraged her to take up ballet classes. She later graduated from Royal Ballet School but transitioned into modeling after being discovered by a modeling agency.

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Over the years, Sonoya has modeled for numerous fashion brands including Chanel, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Louis Vuitton. Similarly, she has been featured in a handful of music videos.

Given her modeling gigs and the success of Crazy Rich Asians, her net worth surely has seen a windfall rise.