Is Susan Tully Married? The Producer Keeping Her Possible Husband All Hushed Or Is A Lesbian?

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Is Susan Tully Married? The Producer Keeping Her Possible Husband All Hushed Or Is A Lesbian?

Is Susan Tully Married? The Producer Keeping Her Possible Husband All Hushed Or Is A Lesbian?

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Michelle Fowler returned to TV on British soap opera EastEnders after more than two decades, but fans were left sad-faced as actress Jenna Russel portrayed the persona instead of the original cast Susan Tully, who denied to reprise the role.

Susan was the one, who starred as a Walford original from the very first episode of EastEnders in 1985 and shocked everyone with her departure a decade later in 1995.

As she was no longer a TV regular, fans wished to know what she is up to in her real life these days -- and more of her new details like her marriage and a possible husband. Keep reading!

Now - Married With Husband Or In Lesbian Romance With Partner?

Susan, who didn't belong to any showbiz family, began her career from a kids' show along with her brother, Todd Carty. Later, the siblings moved on to shine as they got their roles in the 1978 television series, Grange Hill.

It is undoubtedly a long journey for the EastEnders actress, who has now turned into a producer and a director.

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Moreover, it seems that she has been only focusing on her career these all years, first portraying the roles and later directing them. All of it possible because Susan is still a single woman, without a partner to accompany her.

Susan, 51, who has directed a BBC drama 'The A Word' in 2016, still has no plans to get married and get accompanied by a husband. While she is not showing any interests in leading towards a marital life, people may doubt her sexual orientation, perceiving her as a lesbian.

Rejects To Reprise Role In Eastenders; Height Disclosed

Susan, an English actress, who stands at the height of 5 feet & 4 and a half inches, was an iconic face on-screen for ten years from 1985 to 1995. Her dad was a watch case maker, while her mom was a homemaker.

During her tenure as an Eastenders star, she built a strong bond with actress Letitia Dean, who portrayed her friend Sharon Watts. At Letitia and her husband's wedding in 2002, Susan was the designated bridesmaid.

Looking back, isn't it ironic that the detractors labeled Eastenders stars' off-screen friendships as a lesbian romance?

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Moreover, 21 years later, she had an opportunity to make a comeback on the show which she ultimately turned down in 2016.

Thence, Susan appears to have completely stepped away from the limelight, as she now refuses to swap directing for acting. Perhaps, it may be due to her look that she turned down the offer.

The actress turned director looked completely different and unrecognizable from her stint on EastEnders when she got spotted in 2016 in a short, blonde pixie cut.

Susan Tully dazzles photographers with her unrecognizable look spotted last year in 2016 (Photo:

Susan is a high profile director now, and there seem fewer chances of her returning to acting again.

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The look even enhances the directorial personality of her, who has a series of exciting projects to her names, such as Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Silent Witness, Lark Rise To Candleford, The Bill, Britannia, and much more.

In April 2019, Susan stole the headlines after the fans of Line of Duty learned that she had directed one of the show's then-most recent episodes. Director extraordinaire John Strickland had led the season by directing the earlier chapters.