Who Is CNN's Symone Sanders Spouse? Married Status Amid Gay Rumors

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Symone Sanders is an American political commentator and communication strategist who came into recognition after being a part of ...Despite an outgoing personality, Symone has not revealed many details of her personal life, although her photo with a lesbian colleague...CNN star commentator, Symone has...
Who Is CNN's Symone Sanders Spouse? Married Status Amid Gay Rumors

A political commentator offering her expertise to the public, Symone Sanders has made a career out of communicating her views and opinions about some curious topics.

But an extrovert personality, Symone has kept her personal life all but secret, a surprise to many! However, her posts in social media might be some sort of indication to her followers about her private life.

While the CNN political commentator has been fueling gay rumors keeping her personal life a secretive one, her professional aspect is an open book. A proud degree holder, Sanders has gone on to achieve several huge accomplishments at a relatively early age.

Her magnificent efforts have thus been properly compensated earning her some huge salary figures!

Spouse Talks: Married To Husband Or Gay?

Despite her outgoing and extrovert personality, Symone has always managed to keep her personal life under closed curtains. Making public appearances every other day, there has not been much communicated by the communication strategist regarding her personal life.

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In love with her privacy when it comes to her love life, Sanders, however, has had a list of rumors regarding her sexuality. With not many details found about her boyfriend or husband, there have been numerous rumors suggesting her to be gay.

Though Sanders has never publicly spoken anything about her sexual orientation, she might be hinting that the rumors are true through her social media posts. An Instagram post on 13 October 2018 added more fuel to the fire after she was seen together with a fellow political consultant and lesbian Hilary Rosen.

The caption was shouting loud and clear that Symone is in fact gay.

“@hilarybrosen I love you so much. Cheers to another year of fabulousness!“

Symone Sanders posing around with fellow political consultant Hilary Rosen. (Photo: Hilary Rosen's Instagram)

Some doubts were soon cleared after Hillary in her own Instagram account also posted the same picture alongside Symone. Her caption hinted towards the same direction as well.

“@symonedsanders  is just what my Friday night needed. Love you!!”

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However, besides the post, there has been no other indication of the two actually being involved in a romantic relationship. With the massive age difference between the two, Symone, 28, and Hilary 60, the pairing looks more unlikely.

However, love has no age, and it seems the duo are actually living one day at a time, enjoying each other’s company.  

CNN Star’s Bio Reveals Age, Career Highlights and Net Worth

Symone Sander, at a young age of 28, has gone on to achieve some unprecedented career heights that will be hard to replicate for any political commentator at such a young age.

She was an active part of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in 2016 as a press secretary before she quitted on her own terms in June 2016. The Omaha native had also previously appeared on Bill Clinton’s book, Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World after the former United States president was massively impressed by how she introduced him.

Sanders’ career highlight, however, came after she joined CNN as a political contributor, adding the glitter to an already glorious career filled with several awards which include being the youngest recipient to ever receive the Midlands Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Award.  

Symone Sanders as a political commentator on CNN. (Photo:

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With a busy schedule that keeps her awake till late night, Sanders is also properly compensated for her hard work and dedication.

While her CNN ventures earn her an average salary of around $67k per annum, Symone’s other career ventures have contributed significantly in her net worth, though the exact figure has not yet been pronounced.