Todd McKenney Partner Left, Returns As Close Family; How'd That Happen?

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Todd McKenney is an openly gay man and also has been in a committed relationship in the past...Todd dated his partner for half-a-decade but after the pair broke up, Todd was in for the shock of his life. His former partner turned into a family member and still remains the same...Know about the weird relationship of Todd with his ex-partner along with his family details... 
Todd McKenney Partner Left, Returns As Close Family; How'd That Happen?

Talk about quirky romance, the former judge of the Australian version of the reality show Dancing With the Stars, Todd McKenney is all about it. 

An openly gay man, Todd has his share of a committed relationship but only to be headed in weird direction after dating his partner for half-a-decade. After the You May Be Right star broke up, Todd was in for the shock of his life when his former partner turns into a family member even after the breakup. 

There's so much to Todd's dating story!

Know all about the weird relationship of Todd with his ex-partner along with his family details. 

Former Partner Turns Sister's Husband, Happily Married And Raising Children

Todd previously found romance in the Australian actor-singer, Simon Gallaher, which lasted for five years and the dating partners eventually broke up. 

The Perth, Australia native, age 54, must have thought that he would never be seeing his ex-boyfriend, however, due to an unusual turn of events, Simon became more than just a former partner. He became a member of Todd's family. 

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During the Word For Word podcast, Todd mentioned his weird relationship with his ex-partner. He stated that after his split from the 59-year-old actor, Simon started dating Todd's sister Lisa, who is only 11 months older than the former judge of Dancing With the Stars.

Eventually, Simon turned Lisa's husband in 1990. He further added that the pair is still married and are parents to three children. 

"She married my ex-boyfriend and is still married to my ex-boyfriend. They got married. They've got three kids, and I'm close to the kids. But, again, this is my philosophy... if you're happy, go for it."

Todd's sister Lisa and her husband / ex-partner Simon Gallaher (Photo:

Todd explained that Lisa and himself have never discussed her husband and her married life. He added that the podcast that it was the first time, he'd talked his sister's married life in public. 

The couple currently resides in Queensland with their three children and are living a happy life as husband and wife. This weird dynamic of Todd with his ex-partner must not bother him much as Todd is not very close to his sister and he even described the siblings as "chalk and cheese."

Family Background: Parents And Celeb Grandma; Daughter Through IVF

Born in Perth Australia, Todd's maternal family is the native of Perth, and his great-great-grandmother ran a brothel on the suburb of Shenton Park. Todd mentions that his grandmother was also a sort of a celebrity in Perth, a secret which was kept hidden by his grandma. 

"Her name was Dorothy Dyson. When they said to me she was a celebrity — she had a talkback radio program and she was one of the first females on radio in WA — now my nanna has never mentioned that to us."

Todd's parents got divorced when he reached the age of nine and the actor was unaware of his father David's family background during his childhood. He showed interest in knowing his family members and found out that his great-great-great paternal grandfather Francis McKenney was one of the three orphans to have settled in Australia from Ireland.

To this day, Todd has found several long-lost relatives. 

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Todd was raised mostly by his mother Peta Norton and grandmother Dorothy Dyson. He is thankful to his mother for her acceptance of his gay sexuality and remains in close contacts with her.

Unfortunately, his once-a-famous-celebrity grandmother, who was a massive influence in his life, is no more with Todd as she passed away in 1991.

A young Todd with his mother Peta and grandmother Dorothy (Photo:

Todd is also a loving father to his 11-year-old daughter, Charlotte. Todd and his daughter's mama, Anne Wood were never a couple but remain as good friends and co-parent to the child.

Previously, Todd explained that he knew Anne desperately wanted to be a parent and thus he volunteered to donate his sperm to become a father through IVF. In an earlier interview, he said,

"I rang her and I said: 'I'm offering to provide you with the other half that you need to have this baby'. Blow me down, she said yes."

Todd's daughter is currently being raised by her mother and lives in Melbourne. Todd has a distant relationship with his daughter as they live in different states, but he hopes to be closer to her and give her the love of a father which Todd was not lucky enough to receive.

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Further, he also volunteered to donate his sperm to his close friend Sonia Kruger, but Sonia has not yet made up her mind even though she thinks Todd would be a fantastic father.