Todrick Hall Does A Boyfriend Tag; Does That Mean He Is A Gay And Is Dating A Man?

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Todrick Hall Does A Boyfriend Tag; Does That Mean He Is A Gay And Is Dating A Man?

A boyfriend tag is something that people do to know how much their boyfriend know about them. The video also shows how close you and your boyfriend are.

Famous Youtuber and singer Todrick Hall did a boyfriend tag, but does that mean that he is a gay man?

While the questions about his sexuality are still raising high, he came with the shocking revelation about his ex-boyfriend.

Gay; Boyfriend Tag

Todrick Hall once made a video named "Boyfriend Tag" where he was seen with Jesse Pattison, a model and in the video, Hall said that he and Jesse were dating one another and were in a relationship for ten months (then).

He also said that the two met while shooting for one of Hall's video and the two started getting closer to one another since that moment.

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In the video, we can also get to know that Hall asked Jesse to be his boyfriend and Jesse responded with a "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss."

Hall, who was also very active on social sites with regards to his relationship with Jesse said that he and Jesse are close to one another and Jesse makes him feel an entirely different man.

Todrick Hall tweets on boyfriend (Photo: Todrick Hall's Twitter)

That surely proves that Hall is indeed a gay man. There are no major headlines about his sexuality, but when a man has a boyfriend rather than a girlfriend, he can certainly be termed as a gay man.

Moreover, there are rumors that Hall and Jesse have split up as the two are less vocal about one another on social media and public. But still, no official confirmation has come forth from either side, so let us wait and hope if the two reveal anything about the current status of their relationship.

Previously, Hall was once rumored to be in a relationship with fellow American Idol contestant, Joe Munoz. Hall even addressed the rumors in an audio interview, but the audio has been removed as of now, so the matter remains a mystery.

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Since he hasn't addressed his relationship status now, but he indeed thrilled the internet with his Instagram post. On October 2018, he shared the picture of his ex-boyfriend on his Instagram story which went viral on the Internet. Many blamed him that he used the social media to blast his past relationship.

After a couple of days, he again posted on Instagram with his long apologized message. He shed the light on his bitter past relationship with his ex-boyfriend. He confronted that he was cheated on and was lied.

While he wasn't in a relationship with his ex-boyfriend, he claimed there were certain lines and boundaries that were crossed. He regretted that he should have handled the situation by himself rather than taking to Instagram.

Due to his immature decision, his ex-boyfriend has been getting the death threats and people have been telling him to commit suicide.

"I don’t think it is fair for me to act like it is you all’s fault for doing that. It’s my fault for blasting him on my social media."

While he has already pleaded for his wrong decision, he then went on to question the actor Shawn Mendes' sexuality. But after he tweets on his gayish nature, he apologized about his tweet on 27 November 2018.

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Touring Life; Career

As you all might know, Todrick is most famous for making it to the semis of the ninth edition of American Idol, and he has got an amazing voice.

People also love watching him tear it up on the stage, and for those who are longing to see him live on tour, he has got some shows lined up, and you might even get lucky and catch him in a city or venue near you.

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His die-hard fan following, hard work, and dedication towards his profession has helped him earn a good sum of money in his life. As a result, he enjoys a healthy net worth of $3 million.

In a nutshell, he is such a talented bloke and has all the potentials to reach even further heights.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Todrick Hall!