Tyler James Williams Girlfriend & Dating; What Makes Him Gay What Doesn't

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Tyler James Williams, the American actor, once faced gay rumors but it all came to an end after he was reported sharing romance with his former girlfriend...they dated back in...and even made headlines with their romance. The duo parted ways in...after dating for...Years later, there were reports stating that he was in a relationship with...As of recent, he was speculated sharing romance they frequently appeared together in...
Tyler James Williams Girlfriend & Dating; What Makes Him Gay What Doesn't

It is not uncommon for actors to have their name tagged along with the gay rumors especially for the ones who portray the gay roles in the movies and TV shows. Facing a similar situation is the American actor, Tyler James Williams, who is also a hip hop recording artist.

Despite the swirling rumors, Tyler has been able to clear off his name as he was once involved in a loving relationship with his former girlfriend. Not only did they shared the romance but also were closely observed by the paparazzi. But with time their relationship came to an end.

However, Tyler found romance again and shared a deep bond with his significant other. But are they still together? Or have they parted ways? Let's find out.

Romance With Former Girlfriend; From Music Video To Dating

Tyler James Williams, who is also a musician directing music videos, previously shared romance with his former girlfriend. Tyler dated Keke Palmer back in 2008 when they both were mesmerized by each other's presence.

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Back then Tyler and Keke were a thing and even made headlines with their romance. The couple was even closely followed and anticipated by the paparazzi during the time when they were together.

After sharing the romance for a year and a half, Tyler and Keke moved their separate ways. The duo parted ways in 2010 bringing an end to the love that they shared. 

Years later, there were reports stating that he was in a relationship with singer-songwriter Karina Pasian. Their romance rumors were fueled after they released a music video in which they worked together back in 2014.

However, the rumors were silenced after the pair made no comments on speculated romance.

Found Love Again?; “Rain Or Shine, As Long As You're Mine"

After being in a relationship with Keke, the only long-term romance that was reported was the one he shared with Anastasia Baranova. Back in 2017, his followers speculated of him dating Anastasia.

The speculations came after a number of posts shared by Anastasia on her Instagram. Back in January 2017, Anastasia posted pictures with Tyler in which she is seen cozy in Tyler's company as they cuddled together. 

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Anastasia had captioned the picture referring to their moments as a dream while writing “Living The Dream.” 

Almost a month later, when Valentine's day had just passed by, Anastasia posted another picture with him where they were seen cherishing the moments together.  The caption made their relationship more clear as Anastasia asked Tyler to never leave her. She wrote,

“Rain or shine, as long as you're mine. (AKA #donteverleavemeeeecauseillfiiiiiindyou)”

Likewise, Tyle, who was raised by his parents alongside his two brothers, too had hinted romance through his posts on Instagram. He had sent out birthday wishes to his girl while posting a picture of them holding hands as they walked down the streets.

Tyler James Williams with speculated girlfriend Anastasia Baranova. (Photo:

The couple seemed head-over-heels in love with each other while Tyler's fans even wished for Anastasia to be his lawfully wedded wife. All the longing came to an end after both Anastasia and Tyler removed their pictures of their social media.

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The pictures that they had posted on the Instagram has been now deleted by both Anastasia and Tyler. This led to speculations that the couple might have secretly parted ways and are no longer together. There is no any news on Tyler's rekindled romance or new found love. 

Well, Tyler currently seems to be enjoying his single life at the age of 26.