Trisha Paytas Struggling - Both With Weight and Boyfriend!

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Trisha Paytas Struggling - Both With Weight and Boyfriend! Similarly, the 29-year-old YouTuber, Trisha Paytas, had many struggles in her life which helped her to bring a change in her life. Whether it was a weight gain issue or unstable relationship with her boyfriends, she always managed to live her life in a flow. 
Trisha Paytas Struggling - Both With Weight and Boyfriend!

Life is not given to live idly. It is a struggle and journey from truth to falsehood, love from hatred, and gains to lose. And every battle in our life has shaped into the person we want to be today.

Similarly, the 31-year-old YouTuber, Trisha Paytas, had struggles in her life, which helped her to bring a changed in her life.  Whether it was a weight gain issue or an unstable relationship with her boyfriends, she always managed to live her life inflow.

Well, you might have seen different YouTube videos of Trisha, but how much do you know about her struggles? Here are Trisha Paytas' efforts, which include the details of her failed relationship, weight gains, and plastic surgery. 

Trisha Paytas' Unstable Relationship With Boyfriends!

The American internet sensation, Trisha, who launched her YouTube channel 'blndsundolll4mj' in January 2007, has been talking about her day-to-day activities on her YouTube videos. Likewise, she has been posting videos related to her love life where fans can see her talking about her scrimmaged relationship with her former boyfriends and rapturous dating affair with her new man. 

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Back in 2008, Trisha dated American actor Anthony Michael Hall with whom her relationship lasted for almost five years. Trisha and Anthony first met at Comic-con and eventually fell in love. However, after being together for such a long time, the pair parted their ways with a messy break-up. Furthermore, Trisha revealed that Anthony cheated on her by going out with another woman while they were dating. 

Trisha Paytas and Anthony Michael Hall at an event (Photo:

A few months after breaking up with Anthony, Trisha started dating actor and singer Roger Bart in 2013. Trisha dated Roger for almost two and a half years but unfortunately broke up in October 2015, when she found out that he too had been going out with another woman.

And when Trisha tried to confront Roger via e-mail, she knew that he was determined to end the relationship as he told her not to contact him. 

Trisha Paytas (left) and Roger Bart (right) (Photo:

The unsuccessful relationships were not the end of Trisha's love life as she found a perfect match for her. A couple of months after breaking up with Roger, Trisha kindled her love with choreographer Sean Van Der Wilt. The duos, Trisha and Sean, first met on the set of Merry Christmas' music video, which was published on YouTube on 11 December 2015.

Ten days later, Trisha shared a video with Sean on YouTube with the title 'The Boyfriend Tag!' where Sean was seen talking about their relationship. 

As time passed, the pair had an excellent bonding and were frequently seen in each other's video. But sadly, their relationship stumbled when Trisha's Snapchat friend saw Sean van der Wilt kissing someone at a club.

After dating for nearly a year, the YouTuber Trisha uploaded an emotional breakdown video in December 2016, saying Sean cheated on her with another man. Trisha had no idea that her beau, Sean, was gay. Moreover, Trisha made various emotional videos while digging about her ex-boyfriend's unfaithfulness.

When Trisha was opening about her heartbreaks, many audiences got offended because of her attacking videos on Sean. However, in her final video regarding her relationship with Sean, Trisha cleared up the confusion stating that she had no intention to lash out Sean.

Trisha Paytas with ex-boyfriend Jason Nash in 2018 (Photo:

After being heartbroken by Sean, Trisha took no long time to find love again. The YouTube star, Trisha, then started dating comedian Jason Nash, who ended his married life with a wife but has a good relationship with her for kids.

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The couple had their very first date in June of 2017, which can be seen on Jason's YouTube channel, where he uploaded the video saying his first date after divorce. A month later, Trisha uploaded a video on July 21, 2017, stating that she is officially dating Jason. After a couple of months, in December 2017, Jason Nash introduced his girlfriend, Trisha Paytas, to his friends and fans back.

The lovely exchange between the two was a kind gesture towards each other and how they planned to see their relationship. Saying that thier happiness lasted only for a short period as they parted ways after a year of dating each other. The same old story with a dating partner repeated for Trisha but, this time, she took it very profoundly.

Calling out to her fans on YouTube on June 2018, the YouTuber announced break up with Jason, who called her fat. Thought it was a tough time for Trisha, she was not stopping just there. In September 2019, she was seen hanging out with Aaron Carter. The new couple shared pictures on Labours day and also shared snaps of them driving together.

However, Aaron denied the rumors and claimed that he was single and in no hurry to mingle.  Now it looks like it is weight loss training for Trisha again who lost 37 pounds only Binge-Eating on camera.

Trisha Paytas: Grappling with Weight

The songwriter, Trisha Paytas, has always been open about her love life, plastic surgery transformation, and weight gain issues. Well, she has never hesitated to reveal about her cosmetic surgeries.

As a teenager, Trisha had suffered low self-esteem and had gone a breast augmentation and breast lift in 2012. Similarly, she also had undergone liposuction on her arm, transferring the fat to her bum to create her fantastic hourglass body.

Previously on August 2015, Trisha took Twitter to reveal that she gained weight because last year was not a good time for her. 

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Likewise, Trisha has also talked about her weight and weight gain issues on her YouTube videos. In July 2017, Trisha Paytas uploaded a video on YouTube saying she has gained a considerable amount of weight because she was depressed and hasn't left the house. However, she looked hot and confident while making the video.

In the video, Trisha seemed very hot in the bikinis and was not so worried about the weight that she has put on. 

Not just weight, Trisha has also gained a lot of fame on YouTube with three million subscribers on her channel. And while appearing in different reality shows, she has been able to maintain a net worth of $4 million.