Troy Ave Real Name, Girlfriend, Wife, Family

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Troy Ave real name as per official records is........rapper has successfully achieved a net worth of..........he is the eldest in his family with a brother worth as of 2019 amounts to...height extends up life with girlfriend...
Troy Ave Real Name, Girlfriend, Wife, Family

After the release of his mixtape titled I’m In Traffick, rapper Troy Ave became a hip-hop sensation. Even after a series of controversies and fatal incidents that surrounded the rapper,  his passion for music hasn’t drained a bit.

Prominent artists such as 50 Cent are among his frequent collaborator. Besides having a professional bond, he was even paid a visit by the rapper in the hospital during his recovery after an ambush shooting incident in December 2016.

Troy's personal aspect is as much exciting as his life among fame and riches. 

Dating Life, Ex-Girlfriend

The rapper's dating life is quite a mysterious one as he has been very vague about his past relations. But, after viewers came across a series of tweets shared by Troy, it shed light into his past relationships that failed miserably.

In 2012, through his social media handle, Troy shared about being cheated on by his ex-girlfriend. Moreover, he described his ex as a cold-blooded person and the ways she changed him as a person. The artist also revealed that he wasn’t dating anyone at that time and was happy as a single person.

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A year later, the singer indirectly hinted about the cheating incident, implying that his ex-lover was involved with a friend or his family member.

 I'll never cheat on my girlfriend with her friend or family member. To me, that's disloyal hoe n#gga low $HiT. Everything else fair game

Interestingly though, from his series of undisclosed relationship, Troy ended up raising two beautiful kids: Roro and Renzo. It's unknown if the kids are from his ex-wife or the same failed relationship. As of 2019, he's focused on raising them as a single father and providing proper education.

Real name, Age & Family Details

Although known all over by his stage name Troy Ave, his real name as per official records is Roland Collins. As per his date of birth on 23rd November 1985, Troy ages 34 as of August 2019.

Troy Ave spends time with sons Roro and Renzo in a playground on 20th May 2019 (Photo: Troy Ave's Instagram)

The rapper grew up in New York City and was raised by his mother, who went through a lot of hardships to raise him. To honor his mother, the artist featured an old picture of the mother-son duo on the artwork of his 2017 track, Even With You.

Troy is the eldest in his family with a brother and sister. In terms of his physique, he possesses a height of 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75m).

Net Worth Info

The New York-based rapper has successfully achieved a net worth of $1 million through his music career. Furthermore, he has managed to earn a considerable sum from his venture into clothing and branding business. In 2019, he came up with his clothing brand called GODisGreatPaper$traight or GIGP$.

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His self-titled Youtube channel undoubtedly generates huge revenue along with views. The musician is still active and making more music. His new song, Money Ova Here, is received well by the listeners.