Viola Davis Husband, Daughter, Dad ,Mom

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Viola Davis Husband, Daughter, Dad ,Mom

An actress by profession, Viola Davis is best known for her character Annalise Keating in the infamous TV series, How to Get Away with Murder. Viola - who ages 53 as of July 2019 - has more than 82 acting credits to her name.

Learn more about her husband, daughter, dad, mom, sister down below!

Family Background

The American actress was born on 11 August 1965 in St Matthew's, South Carolina at her grandparents' home. Her dad Dan Davis was a horse trainer while her mom was a maid, factory worker, and a civil rights activist named Mary Alice.

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Viola is the second youngest child among her five siblings: one brother and four sisters.

She received her early education at Central Fall High School. Interested in acting since a young age, she studied theatre at the Rhode Island College from where she graduated in 1988. She continued with her passion and eventually attended the Julliard School in New York City.

Married To Husband, Children

Viola got married to actor Julius Tennon back on 23 June 2003. It was the very first marriage for Viola, while a third for husband Julius.

Previously, her husband was married to Sheryl Lynn Arnold from 1974 to 12 September 1980. The six years union produced two children, both sons. Julius was also married to ex-wife Christine Dejohnna White in 1992, but the couple separated in 1998. Their union, however, bore no kids. 

With no children of her own, Viola - who is a stepmom to both of her husband's son- always considered adoption to be an option. She and her husband later adopted a baby girl named Genesis back in October 2011. 

Including Genesis, Viola and Julius are parents to three children and have been happily married for more than 15 years already.

Viola Davis with her husband Julius Tennon in May 2019 (Photo: Viola Davis Instagram)

Although Viola and her daughter are not connected by blood, they sure are bonded by something else entirely. Her daughter Genesis Tennon showed interest in the field of acting at an early age, just like her mom.

In an interview in 2013 with Ellen Degeneres, Viola explained that her daughter was only three when she learned basic acting cues. Offering advice to her talented mom, Genesis was cast in the James Brown biopic in 2014 called Get On Up. At just eight years of age, the prodigy has shown immense talent as an actor.

Dad & Sister 

Viola's life has not always been peaceful as she had to face hardships as well. During her Walk of Fame in 2017, Viola gave a sweet tribute to her late father, who sadly passed away in 2006. Not much is not known about the cause of his death.

One of her sisters had to face some hardship in her youth too. Her sister Daniele was a victim of sexual assault when they were still kids.

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According to Viola, the times were rough, and her sister - who was a bright, creative child - turned into an angry drug addict by the age of 20.

With up and downs in life, she wishes no one to be a victim of sexual misconduct/assault and has been working with the Rape Foundation since 2010.