Zoie Burgher Bio, Snapchat, Mother, Height, Weight

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Zoie Burgher is the controversy’s favorite media giants; YouTube and Snapchat...more than 200,000 people view her Snapchat in a relationship with D'Angelo Taylor - a crane operator in San Diego...
Zoie Burgher Bio, Snapchat, Mother, Height, Weight

Zoie Burgher is controversy’s favorite child. She rose to fame on Twitch - a video streaming platform - via her unconventional gaming ritual. She allegedly used to dress skimpily and twerk whenever she was successful in a game.

While her technique helped Zoie gain a massive following on Twitch, the site regulators weren’t too happy with her gaming approach. Thus, she was banned three times for reportedly promoting pornography before her fourth and permanent ban in 2016.

After the controversy, she moved towards social media giants; YouTube and Snapchat. The streaming star didn’t take much time to reciprocate her success on the social media giants. She boasts one million subscribers on YouTube while more than 200,000 people view her Snapchat stories.

Zoie Burgher Bio

Zoie was born on 29th November 1995 in the United States. Thus, she holds American nationality.

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Growing up, she had an estranged relationship with her biological father as she felt that he abandoned her as a mere child. However, her mother remained by her side through all thick an thin.

Zoie Burgher talks to her YouTube viewers on 16th August 2018 (Photo: Zoie Burgher's YouTube)

But in 2018, the Snapchat star went to reconcile with her biological father after ten long years and documented it on YouTube video entitled, MY ONLY BIRTHDAY WISH MEETING MY BIOLOGICAL DAD AFTER 10 YEARS.

Taking about Zoie’s educational facts, she went to Florida State University for a major in International and Public Relations. Unfortunately, she couldn’t continue after two semesters due to intensive bullying. Adding; she was also at Arizona State University for a short time.

Dating Life

Zoie is the heartbeat of the internet. Naturally, her dating life is the subject of interest to many.

Well, the Twitch star is in a relationship with D'Angelo Taylor - a crane operator in San Diego. He is a single father to two sons via his previous romance.

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Zoie met her boyfriend at a bar while partying. Since then the pair became inseparable. On 17th September 2017, their relationship gained feet as she revealed about their love to the world.

Post the reveal, the social media star and her boyfriend keep posting lovey-dovey pictures on Instagram. D'Angelo keeps hyping her girl time and again on social media. Their regular date night pictures and PDA has led people to believe that the pair are indeed match made in heaven.

Life Post Ban

While her gaming career took a dip due to Twitch ban, Zoie tried to make the narrative into her own hands and started a collective of streamers known as Luxe Gaming in 2017. It included her friends; Abigale Mandler​, Kiran and Linda Tena.

The organization was gaining height as the social media star announced a reality series featuring the members of Luxe Gaming in 2018. But, the fanfare didn’t last as the team members had a fallout which led to canceling of the reality show and the collective streaming.

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Now, she uses Snapchat where she offers premium service for nude photos, and tailored videos to those willing to purchase her services.