Beautiful Singer Kelly Osbourne is Dating a British Man! Wondering Who Her Boyfriend is?

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For the female celeb to date, men is not a new thing and that too from the same fraternity. Similar is the case of singer Kelly Osbourne who has sparked in the headlines for her ongoing relationship with her British man.
Beautiful Singer Kelly Osbourne is Dating a British Man! Wondering Who Her Boyfriend is?

For the female celeb to date, men are not a new thing and that too from the same fraternity. Similar is the case of singer Kelly Osbourne who sparked in the headlines for her ongoing relationship with her British man.

Who is the man that Kelly is now hanging around? This is the most raised question by her fans and followers so today; they shall find out who is the lucky man who was successful in keeping the lady at cloud nine.

Is Kelly Dating A British Man?

The online portals uproared when news of Kelly Osbourne dating the British editor, Kes Glozier, became viral. Kelly met the British editor through a mutual friend and was taking her relationship process at a slower pace. The news grabbed the attention of a large bunch of people inclusive of media personnel struggling to confirm the news. 

Kelly Osbourne with Kes Glozier together posted in June 2016 (Photo:

Although the lady did not confront her ongoing relationship with the man, some sources connected to her revealed the inside story of the couple. As posted by on 24th June 2016, the source said:

“They want to do things the right way and are taking it slow, getting to know each other. They are going on dates and talking a lot.They really like each other a lot and are enjoying spending time together. Kes was really there for Kelly through some dark times, and he’s been so supportive and encouraging.”

The source also added additional details of how  Kes Glozier had stayed with the purple head rock star like a solid rock when she was suffering from plenty of legal issues related to her father, Ozzy. They said:

"Kes has been Kelly's rock during all of this drama with her father."

That did not only add a confirmation to the relationship, but Kelly gave the statement which partially cleared the air when she spoke about her desire to have children and raise them in the UK. As posted by on 24th June 2016, she said:

"If I have children I will definitely bring them up in England. With the greatest respect to the country that I live in, I will not have a baby call me mom. I don't think I could handle that."

After getting hold of the inside story, Kelly did not reveal any more information about her current dating scenario with her new bee. She completely kept her love life in silence with the editor. Her keen interest in raising her children in the UK has grown the assumption of her bond with Kes.

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Similarly, before getting linked with Kes, in the same year 2016, the singer was linked with Dustin Lynch. Few media claimed the news to be a linkup while few sources claimed to be the rumor. While they were frequently spotted together at the Stagecoach Festival Indio, the interest of knowing about their relationship added more speculation in the relationship. 

The illusion finally came to an end when Kelly broke her silence when she acknowledged Dustin as her boyfriend by posting the picture of her and Dustin on her Instagram account on 10th May 2016.

The speculation did not come to an end here but added further doubt when Dustin, on the other hand, acknowledged the relationship as a friendship rather than a dating relationship. As posted on on 19th May 2016  he spoke about the brewing relationship with Kelly. He said:

"I can confirm that we’re friends,I can deny the rumors that we’re hooking up or dating or pregnant.”

Some illusion was created in the mindset of people regarding their relationship. Although they both spoke about it, their statement gave a contradicting appearance which led to further confusion and turmoil regarding their relationship. While some online portals reported the couple to have separated before Kelly started dating Kes, the British editor.

The confusion further sparked when Kelly posted the picture of her and Lynch on her Instagram account on 30th September 2016.

Some claim her relationship with the British editor while some claim it to be with Lynch. Until and unless the lady herself opens about her current status, the confusion would still prevail inside the head of her fan followers. Either she is in a relationship with the British editor and is in a strong friendship with Lynch or she might have broken up with the British man and have again hooked with Lynch. All can do is wait until Kelly officially clarifies who is she dating and clear the air of confusion.

Still Facing Set-Backs

After facing a long dating set-backs, it looked like Kelly could never date a man again. Saying that Kelly proved everyone wrong when she appeared with a mysterious man at Malibu in April 2018. Further, it turned out to be the same old story as they did not appear together from that day onwards.

Going through a bad patch in life, the singer was seen spending time with close family and friends in September 2018. Much to everyone's surprise, Kelly was back in dating ways with a new boyfriend in Jimmy Q. They first appeared together in April with a friend Christopher Abrego for a photo he shared on his Instagram.

Kelly Osbourne with Jimmy Q at the Wedgewood Garden & Tea Conservatory in May 2019 (Photo: 

Similarly, they were then spotted at a party with Eugene Hutz and confirmed being in a relation. The new couple repeatedly started appearing together everywhere. Just when things looked good between them, the shocking news of their split surfaced in August 2019.

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The couple justified their split with a mismatch in the working timing. Now, Kelly is most focused on herself and her work. Talking about it in FOX’s 2019 Pre-Emmy Press Event on 19 September 2019, the singer said she is good being single and is on the process of loving herself first.

Weight Loss Secret

After dropping a vast amount of 70 pounds, the singer has been listed in the A-lister category. The lady had initiated the process after she took part in the dancing show “Dancing with the Stars with Louis Van Amstel” in the year 2010. As posted by Daily Mail on 3 January 2013, the lady undertook a healthy eating habit and shredded weight.

Kelly before (right) in the year 2004, left (2013) after weight loss (Photo:

The lady also revealed her secret diet plan, which she used to stay fit and healthy. As posted by on 16th April 2013, she told me about her new confidence and new life. She said:

“I’m the most secure and content I’ve ever been.Though I’m still very self-deprecating: I look in the mirror sometimes and I feel like going back to bed. Everyone has good days, everyone has bad days.”

She added:

“I get in a solid half hour of cardio daily, usually intervals on the treadmill, and whatever else I feel like that day weights, yoga or pilates and I eat my fattiest meal in the a.m. If I’m craving pizza, I’ll have it for breakfast, salad for lunch, and oatmeal for dinner.”

The lady has openly accepted the fact about being a former fat person and has claimed to take a proper diet habit. Well to her fan followers who have to find it hard to stay fit I guess you should learn from your idol and accordingly start your fitness regime of the sooner, the better.

Net Worth Issues

Recently, the lady was involved in a lawsuit filed against her for defamation. The singer was alleged by the mistress of her father, Michelle Pugh. As posted by on 1st October 2016, the lady had posted the tweets along with the phone number of the mistress.

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The lawsuit has was settled privately inside the four walls, and the abusing tweets have been removed from the Twitter account. The lawsuit which has been privately resolved might have affected her total net worth of $15 million by pulling out a few chunks from it. Well, Kelly is a multi-talented person as she is Singer, Fashion Designer, TV Personality, Author, Television Producer, Presenter, and  Songwriter, so no wonder she lives her life fabulously.