Comedian Arj Barker, Busy in Tours, Resides in Australia With Girlfriend

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Comedian Arj Barker, Busy in Tours, Resides in Australia With Girlfriend

Arj Barker, an American comedian, is known for his intelligence and humor. His stand-up comedy is what makes him famous, and he occasionally acts too. Besides, there might be confusion amongst his fans regarding his birthplace (country); as he tours so much around the world.

Along with his professional work, he has also included his girlfriend talks on his comic acts. So, there's no doubt that his dating life usually known by his fans. In addition to his, he is already bound into the married life, so let's check who is that lucky girl!

Comedian Dating Life; Married To Girlfriend? 

Although his fans have a huge interest in his personal life, there is not much news on whether he is married or not. There have been reports of him having a girlfriend and living with her in Australia. There has been no news about him having a wife so far, though as he has kept things personal and far from public knowledge which is fair enough as celebs usually do not tend to leak any private information to the public. So we might have to wait for any sort of information coming from his end in the future. 

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However, in an interview  in 2011, he said;

"A few years ago when my girlfriend (at the time) and I ran into Matthew McConaughey at a resort near Port Douglas in Australia. I guess I was a little star-struck. My girlfriend was over the ******* moon though. I’d never seen her that happy up to that point, which was a bit troubling."

Also, this video shall help shed more light on it.

Arj Barker caught up with Sarah & Vinnie and discussed living in Australia with his girlfriend. (08/07/2015).

While he was whistling his dating life with a girlfriend, he had not much talked on his relationship with a girlfriend. In 2017, he engaged into the beautiful married life, but he has not revealed that whether he married to his girlfriend or to another woman.

Support for Gay Marriage

He has also tweeted a post showing concern on the legalization of gay marriage. 

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  Tweets on Gay marriage (Photo: Damien Baumgart's Twitter)

The comedian is also the supporter of the gender equality and gay supporter.

Career- Net worth in Millions; Tour

Arj Baker is an American actor and stand-up comedian, who is known to make people laugh and jump off their seats. He has had comedy in his blood ever since he was a boy.

He has performed in many parts of U.S.A and a lot of different countries around the world; including Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. He started his comedy career performing locally since the early 90s, and by the mid-90s, he had already received popularity.

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Arj was born as Arjan Singh on the 12th of August, 1974 in San Francisco, California. He was born to a European “artist” mother and an engineer father of Indian nationality; and a Sikh by religion.

After his basic education and high school, he chose to start his career as a comedian, and that proved to be pretty successful; especially considering his estimated net worth of 1.2 million dollars which he has accumulated from his hard work and dedication in his career. As of now, he is busy with his tours and that keeps him busy.

The American Comedian Arj announced in September 2018 that he would be having nationwide tour taking his Organic show around New Zealand Cities from 7 September to 16 September 2018.