What Is Brent Sexton's Life Like Off-Screen?

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What Is Brent Sexton's Life Like Off-Screen?

Having played as Stanley Larsen in 'The Killing,' Brent Sexton has his fans curious if he has found his Mitch Larsen in real life. 

Ever since his performance as a family man in 'The Killing,' people have been fascinated to know what his real family looks like. 

His origin and romantic life are the fans' most inquired questions about the talented actor. 

Brent Sexton's Family

Born in 1967, Brent grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. As it turns out, the incredible actor also has a brother in his family.

Whether he is a younger or older brother is a mystery. However, some details about his brother are known. 

Unlike Brent, his brother chose to build a career in engineering.

He works as an aerospace engineer at Boeing. Regarding that, Brent once made a sarcastic comment that goes as, 

My brother's an aerospace engineer who works for Boeing, and I started thinking, 'Well, my brother works nine hours a day at his job... What if I worked nine hours a day at being an actor?

Well, isn't he an appreciating brother? It looks like he has a great relationship with his brother. 

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Since he is such a great brother, how much of a great husband or a father could he be? Looking at his on-screen romance with Michelle Forbes, women are mesmerized by him.

Following that, curiosity increases; who succeeded in mesmerizing him? Who is the lucky one that gets to be loved by such a gentleman? 

Who Is Brent Sexton's Wife?

Brent plays the role of a perfect husband and a good father in 'The Killing.' However, his performance made people wonder what his family life looks like off-screen.

Nevertheless, he hasn't revealed anything about his wife, family, or even a girlfriend to date. Moreover, he hasn't disclosed if he is married or not. 

Brent Sexton with his  on-screen family in The Killing

Brent with his on-screen family in The Killing (Source: CBS News)

The 54-year-old star is very secretive about his personal life. So naturally, fans are curious about him, but he has sealed his lips about his romantic life.

Many respect his privacy, but their curiosity remains unanswered. 

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Mesmerizing many women from his looks and performance, Brent isn't only popular among women. His charm also seems to have gotten him popularity amongst gay fans.

A website even created a poll, proving his popularity among his gay fans, and undoubtedly, many are actually impressed by this brilliant actor.

While we cannot crack into his love life, which he has wrapped up so perfectly, we have some of his details you would find interesting.

More About Brent Sexton

The 'Justified' actor sure reached the age of 54, but his charm has never aged by a day. 

Brent, who stands tall at six feet three inches, has peaked the height success in the show biz where he landed his first gig in 'B.L. Stryker.'

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Since then, his countless on-screen appearances are enough to suggest how big of a star Brent is today. And, with great professional success comes a massive net worth.

Although the actor has yet to reveal his net worth, it would not take much to assume it to be in seven figures or more, given his roles in several hit series and films.

So much so, Brent's dating life might be out of reach of the public, but his incredible works in the show biz are always up for grabs for his fans, keeping them hooked.