Did Juno Temple Really Lose Weight?

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Did Juno Temple Really Lose Weight?

Actress Juno Temple is buzzing the media with her outstanding portrayal in Ted Lasso and is currently in the mainstream. 

However, besides her praiseworthy appearance in the sports drama series, the Ted Lasso actress is sparking quite a curiosity for her stunning physique and the secret behind her weight loss. 

Secret Behind Juno Temple's Weight Loss

As the actress gains popularity for her main role in Ted Lasso as Keeley Jones, her fans are eying something more than her brilliant acting. 

One of her enthusiastic admirers took to the Twitter page to spark a conversation about Juno's weight loss. The Twitter user addressed the curiosity, writing, 'Truly cannot find anyone talking about Juno Temple & how much weight she's lost.' 

It's no wonder you take note of every slightest detail of the eminent personality you admire. So is the case of the Ted Lasso actress. 

Though no factual information on her weight loss has surfaced yet, her curious fans were quick enough to notice her weight loss compared to her previous screen appearances. 

However, the difference does not seem to be that huge, but her hardcore admirers immediately noted her weight loss. 

Based on her fans' concerns on various social media platforms, her fans seem to have noticed her skinnier-looking face. Regarding her slimmed-down face, one of her fans wrote on an online platform presuming that Juno has lost plenty of weight which is more noticeable in her face. 

Well, it's up to the actress to mention if she really lost weight drastically. However, she does incorporate exercise in her daily routine to remain fit as she always appears. 

Juno Temple leaving the gym after a workout session

Juno Temple leaving the gym after a workout session (Source:JustJarred)

She once made a tabloid headline when paparazzi caught the shot of her leaving the gym after her heavy workout. It definitely suggests the actress puts in the necessary work to keep her physique slim and trim. 

And, of course, a fit body needs an ample amount of proper diet. Although the actress has not opened up about her diet plan, she most certainly takes care of it. 

Her weight loss might concern many recently, but the big news is her astounding appearance in Ted Lasso that has garnered her immense success. 

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Juno Lasso's in Ted Lasso

Ever since Juno, height five feet two inches, landed the main role, Keeley Jones, in the American sports comedy-drama TV series Ted Lasso, she has not left the limelight. 

Juno Temple with co-star Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso

Juno Temple with co-star Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso (Source: WSJ)

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The series, released on August 14, 2020, starring Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, and other star casts, dominated the TV screens, becoming the 20 times Primetime Emmy Awards nominee. 

With the success of the series, Juno also bagged a few nominations, including three Screen Actors Guild Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award. 

The actress was only fourteen when she discovered her passion for acting and wanted to pursue it professionally. 

After she declared her desire to become an actress to her parents, her dream started gaining fruition in 1997 when she sharted her career as a child actress. Since then, her career's graph line has only skyrocketed. 

More so, the 32 years old's million-dollar net worth, as reported by CelebrityNetWorth, also screams her success in the industry. 

Already relishing a massive success from her numerous roles in films and TV series, she has yet to add to her accomplishments with more of her praise-worthy work in the coming days.