Where is Shondrella Avery Now?

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Where is Shondrella Avery Now?

Popular actress in Hollywood, Shondrella Avery, has left fans wondering about her whereabouts. 

Being awesome as she is in filmography, she is equally an awesome wife to her beloved husband.

After more than two decades of marriage, what is life like for the 'Napoleon Dynamite' star with her spouse?

Shondrella Avery And Her Husband

Shondrella got married to her husband, Ade Kester, in th early 2000s. Their marriage anniversary falls on 29th August every year. 

The couple got married amidst their loved ones. They exchanged vows, promising never to leave each other’s side till death did them part. 

Spending more than two decades together, they have proven their vows to be true so far. Hopefully, they will continue to love each other just as they have until now. 

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In 2021, Avery even made an Instagram post wishing her spouse a happy anniversary. She believes that their love will last forever till infinity. 

Shondrella Avery and Her Husband

Shondrella Avery and Her Husband, Ade Kester (Source: Instagram)

Shondrella’s husband, Ade is a Nigerian, and he loves Shondrella as much as she loves him. They have been together for more than two decades, and their love doesn’t seem to fade away.

Shondrella loves her partner as much as she has loved him since the beginning. Hopefully and certainly, Ade reciprocates her feelings. 

Even when she started her journey to Africa, she began in Ade’s homeland, Nigeria. And, of course, she was more than welcome there. 

Nevertheless, even after two decades of togetherness, the couple hasn’t had any children yet. They are too focused on their respective careers and haven't found time to raise children. 

Since raising a child is a huge responsibility, Shondrella, and her partner are probably too busy to take such a big step. 

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Regardless of not having their own children, Shondrella loves kids and would definitely be a good mother in the future. 

However, until now, Shondrella and Ade haven’t shared their thoughts on having babies and completing the family. Maybe they already feel complete with each other? We never know. 

People have been asking if she’s still active in the entertainment industry with a successful married life. They also speculated that she might have retired. 

However, the truth behind such speculations is unexplored to the fans. 

Shondrella Avery Now

Worry not, fans; our beloved Shondrella hasn’t retired from the entertainment industry. On the contrary, she is still as active as ever. 

Although we are unable to see her on-screen flaunting her looks and talents anymore, she is working hard off-screens utilizing her talent at best. 

Just recently, in 2021, she Co-Executive Produced the True Story of Bob Zellner, a KKK's Grandson turned Civil Rights Activist under the lead of Executive Producer Frank Barwah and Oscar Winner Spike Lee, Directed by Barry Alexander Brown.

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Even as a producer, she is doing just fine with her career in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she has her lover by her side to support her in every step of life. 

Not only that, she has created such a huge and loving fandom that they will never leave her side. Of course, they will continue to support her in whatever she chooses to do with her career. 

Now, Shondrella continues to explore her career with her beloved husband by her side and fans to support her back.