ABC News' Cecilia Vega: Married to CHP Officer, is Proud of Her Husband and Family!

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ABC News' Cecilia Vega: Married to CHP Officer, is Proud of Her Husband and Family!

How many of you out there are married? We are especially talking to ladies. If you are reading this and you are married women with a husband, then this story today might relate to you. For the guys out there, don’t worry, this story has enough to devour you. So yes, we were talking about the married woman. You sure feel proud of your husband, right? 

As you might have guessed already, this article is about a woman who is proud, more precisely extremely proud of her husband. It's not just because of her love and loyalty but because of her respect towards his work too. Today, we are talking about Cecilia Vega and her officer husband.

Married with Courageous Husband: Divorce Rumors?

Many might know that Cecilia Vega is a married woman. However, who she is married to and why she is proud of him, is what we are going to find out now. So, Cecilia is married to Ricardo Jimenez, @jimenez_rcj1965, who is a California Highway Patrol officer. Anybody who has a crush on her, they better back off. Ricardo was honored with the Meritorious Achievement Award in 2015 for saving a life of an intoxicated man who was about to fall from the edge of the bridge.

Ricardo stood by his oath of protecting the life of civilians and did his part of work, risking his own life. He got few bruises and swellings. The Captain, Christopher Sherry spoke about the bravery that Ricardo showed on the scene. This is as he said,

“His bravery and willingness to risk his life for another human being are commendable. Officer Jimenez lived up to his sworn oath as a public protector that afternoon,” He continues, “The danger was very real, yet Officer Jimenez selflessly jumped into action and in doing so placed himself in harm’s way to save a life. He is a true hero.”

Cecilia posted this photo of his on her Instagram calling him the hero in her book.

She also explained that she was proud to call him husband on one of her Twitter post. 

The couples exchanged their vow on August 17, 2008, and has been sharing a very strong bond till this date. 

What a lovely wedding picture!

Although the couple is tied by a marriage bond since seven years, no news or information of having any children has come forth. 

There have not been any news about Cecilia taking a maternity leave. Maybe, the couples are not yet ready to be parents. We will let you know if any change takes place in their personal life and talking about their current relationship status, they are currently going strong without the chances of divorce as per the information we have got.

Professional life of Cecilia Vega:

Cecilia Vega, who as we know is an absolute beauty and employee at ABC News Channel since 2015, is a senior national correspondent and is known for co-hosting the weekday edition of ABC World News Tonight alongside Tom LIamas. Apart from World News Tonight, she also contributes to Good Morning America, Nightline and 20/20.

Prior to working at ABC News, she reported for the ABC-affiliated KGO-TV, where she covered a wide variety of stories. While working for KGO-TV, Cecilia was awarded an Emmy for exclusively interviewing a person who witnessed an attack on a student at her high school homecoming dance.

Caption: ABC World News Tonight - opening (WABC 7 NY - May 09th, 2015)

 Short Bio:

Cecilia was born on January 7 according to some of the birthday wishes on her Twitter account but she has decided to keep her birth year a secret so her age is unknown at the moment .

This popular journalist and wife of an officer has won an Emmy Award in 2010 and has also received many other awards from California Newspaper Publishers Association, the East Bay Press Club, the Hearst Corporation and The New York Times.