Juliet Huddy Went Through 3 Failed Knots, Got Engaged and is Now Dating a Musician. Ex-Husbands, Divorce and Children

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Juliet Huddy Went Through 3 Failed Knots, Got Engaged and is Now Dating a Musician. Ex-Husbands, Divorce and Children

The gorgeous American TV reporter Juliet Huddy used to work as a news correspondent for the Fox News Channel. She is famous for her anchoring, glamorous looks, nose jobs, and relationships.

Married Life, Husband and Divorce History:

She has been married and divorced for three times up to now. That must have been devastating. Despite having a famous name, she has managed to keep her personal life in sworn secrecy. 

The news about her marriage (that took place in 2009) with her third husband, Entertainment Weekly's Dough Barret spread like wildfire in media since it was a topic of everybody’s interest. Sadly, just after five months, they went through the process of divorce. Reportedly, Doug asked the engagement ring back.

When asked about the separation back then in an interview, Dough had then said:

“This is personal. I’m going through a separation.”

According to a source, one of her husband, before she got married to Dough Barret, was then KADY-TV news director Dan Green. The television station was owned by Juliet's father, John Huddy. Then, Juliet also used to work for the station.

Mr. Wright:

Caption: Juliet wishing happy birthday to her boyfriend turned fiance back in 2013

After three unsuccessful marriages, Juliet still had hope. In 2013, Juliet got engaged to Steve Wright. Nobody knew this news until her journalist brother John Huddy, who is the Fox News Channel Middle East correspondent, revealed it through his social account. He tweeted:

Caption: Juliet Huddy with her boyfriend turned then fiance Steve Wright

Everybody thought that engagement with Steve, @SWrightNYC, was her full stop to unsuccessful marriages, but alas, they got separated too.

In Feb 2016, fans first noticed her bare ring finger when the former Fox and Friends Weekend co-host returned to the curvy couch in place of vacationing Anna Kooiman. 

Before Steve, Juliet was dating John Jordan. He is the CEO of Jordan Vineyard & Winery. Her relation with John also didn’t work, and they got separated.

Caption: Juliet Huddy with then boyfriend John Jordan celebrating his 40th birthday at the Jordan Vineyard and Vinery in 2012.

Source: gayot.com

The surprise is Juliet didn’t have any children with any of her three husbands or past boyfriends. Even after her every divorce and breakups, she was successful in maintaining quite a steady profession.

Currently is happy with musician boyfriend

Caption: Content 1-  John Fattoruso - Zire's War Talks About The ID:100, 2016

Content 2; Juliet with her musician boyfriend, John

Source - Content 1(Blackstar amps, Youtube), Content 2 (Juliet's facebook)

Her current boyfriend is none other than the guitarist of the band Zire's War, John Fattoruso.They are probably dating since 2015.

Where is Juliet Huddy from Fox news?

Juliet Huddy, the goddaughter of the former chairman and CEO of the Fox News Roger Ailes who was accused of sexual harassment by Gretchen Carlson, took her leave from the channel on September 5, 2016. She broke the news on air and expressed warm-hearted gratitude to her viewers via Twitter.

Caption: Juliet expressing her gratitude to everyone following her departure from Fox

During the end of her days in Fox Channel, she was serving as a reporter for Fox News Channel and also as an anchor for WNYW-TV. However, according to TV Newser, Juliet now plans on launching a website which will cover the music industry.

Caption: Juliet Huddy taking her leave from Fox News Channel. This year, another Fox Personality Greta Van Susteren also left the network. Both Greta and Juliet have not yet condemned former Fox boss Roger Ailes, who is the good friend of Juliet's father.

Sexual Harassment case against Bill O'Reily

After the Roger Ailes sexual harassment feud, Fox News executives asked employees and former employees to come forward with similar accusations and Huddy didn't back off from this either. It was revealed that Bill O'Reilly pursued a sexual relationship with Huddy, and he was quite adamant about it, even after her refusals.

A draft from Huddy's lawyer to Fox News revealed that O'Reilly was sexually harassing Huddy and even tried to derail her career when she refused as he held superior influence over her career at that time. The letter also revealed that O'Reilly called Juliet multiple times, invited to his house at Long Island and even attempted to kiss her. Apparently, he also took her out for dinner once and after asking her to return a key to his hotel room, appeared at the door in his boxer shorts. 

Caption: Juliet Huddy vs. Bill O'Reilly

Source: People.com

Huddy eventually agreed to keep silent on the case and agreed not to sue after she signed a contract with 21'st Century Fox and was paid a six-figure amount for her silence.

The letter was sent anonymously but was authenticated and verified by several people. The authenticity of the accusations itself was based on the letter and the information received from 3rd Person parties and other individuals involved in the case. The letter also insisted that Jack Abernethy had retaliated against Huddy professionally after she made it clear that she was not interested in a romantic relationship with her. 

O'Reilly's and his lawyers, however insist that the incidents talked about in the letter were false and had no basis for the accusations.

Juliet Huddy’s Short Bio:

 Juliet Huddy was born on September 27, 1969, in Florida; U.S to singer Erica Huddy and tv producer John Huddy. A Langley Highschool graduate, Juliet is a graduate of the University of Missouri where she received her degree in political science with a minor in sociology. She has two brothers, brother John, and a half brother.

She started her professional journey in 1994 being inspired by her television father, John Huddy. Her first stint was working as reporter/producer for KARO-FM's morning newscast in Columbia, Missouri at the age of 23 in 1998.

Juliet joined the Fox News as a reporter in1998 but later moved to New York to present various types of programs. She served as a reporter for Fox News Channel and as an anchor for WNYW-TV (Fox ) until September 5, 2016

Before her exit, she used to co-anchor early morning show Good Day Wake Up on Fox-owned WNYW (Fox 5). She had joined Fox 5 in 2012 following her 14 years of service in Fox News Channel. Then, she went on to fulfill Heather Nauert's role of Early morning anchor alongside Steve Lacy for Fox 5, whereas, Heather moved to Fox News Channel as part of Fox and Friends.

While her time at Fox News Channel, she could experience diverse roles including 'Miami correspondent', 'fill-in-anchor', 'Dayside anchor' and co-host of the syndicated ‘Morning Show with Mike and Juliet' alongside Fox personality Mike Jerrick 

Last but not the least, she is also known for her successful nose job and healthy weight loss