Andrea Savage Is Married! Compares Real Life and On-Screen Husband And They Are Kind Of Same

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Andrea Savage Is Married! Compares Real Life and On-Screen Husband And They Are Kind Of Same

Andrea Savage is a name that almost everyone, who enjoys "I'm Sorry" knows. The lady is beautiful and is, like her last name, savage when it comes to her acting skills, and that is the reason why she is recognized and loved by plenty for what she does on screen.

For those who are wondering if she is dating anyone or has a boyfriend, we would like to share that she is a married woman and is enjoying a more than happy family life with her husband and her daughter.

So, let's take a look at her married life which has been a mysterious thing thus far!

Married Andrea Savage Compared Her On Screen Husband With Her Real Life Partner:

“I’m Sorry,” a sitcom comedy series based on the real life of writer/actress Andrea Savage, is loved by all, as the sitcom makes people ROTFL. 

Inspired by her real-life as the alumni of the Groundlings, Andrea portrayed a comedy writer in the show, who occasionally is hampered by an inappropriate and improv-honed mind, as she and her husband, Tom Everett Scott, steer LA's awkward moments as parents and adults.

In an interview, back in July 2017, she discussed her role and her work on the series.

In the interview, she shared how she came up with the idea of the show. She divulged,

"I had an idea for wanting to do one of those single point-of-view shows that was like kind of playing a version of yourself and based on your life. I developed a lot of shows over the years and script development and . . . I really was just getting a little weary of the mom roles that were coming to me as I was approaching 40 and was like, “Why does every mom role have to be married and sexless and boring, or a terrible mother?”

She added,

I was like, I’m a mom, but I also do a lot of other things, and I’m layered and nuanced. I have funny stories that have to do with parenting but also have nothing to do with parenting. I wanted to show a female character on TV that I had never seen before.

Moreover, when the interviewer asked her about her husband working outside of comedy on the show and if her real life husband was the same, she answered,

It is. My husband is also in the entertainment business; he’s a talent agent. So in the show, Tom’s character is an entertainment lawyer, so it’s sort of similar in that there’s an understanding of the business but it’s not the creative side. So my husband, like Tom on the show, he wears a suit to work every day. But he also understands the world and isn’t completely out of it. And he’s much more straight-laced than I am.

Furthermore, when she was asked if Tom's comic critic role was derived from her real life, she elaborated,

Comedy critic to a point, but like in the show, my husband gets very mad at me because he’s like, “You don’t think I’m funny.” And I’m like, well…. (Laughs.) That’s definitely in the show as well. It goes both ways, you know, like in life. Some are good and some are bad when you tell jokes. Why should all of them be good on TV? Because a lot of ones in real life really are terrible.

So this is what she puts up to in her married life!

She has never been fond of expressing the details about her marital life and the identity of her husband in front of the public, which is why no major details can be added in this segment regarding her husband. But this is something which will be updated as soon as any sort of details surface.

However, she has often gushed about her husband on social media, and an example of that was seen when a random fan praised her for her work on "I'm Sorry".

But despite the discreet nature of her when it comes to her married life, it is known that she is a mother in real life too.

She has a daughter, who was born in 2009. Unfortunately, she has not revealed much about her daughter, apart from the things she has said in this video where she shed some light on her daughter's nature.

Caption: Andrea Savage talks about her daughter and even shares her daughter's curiosity. (Published on Aug 9, 2017)

Andrea Savage, who stands over 5' 8" (1.73 m) in height, is known for her shows including "I'm Sorry," "Veep," and "Step Brothers."

She has also appeared in movies including "Dinner for Schmucks," "You're Not You," Sleeping With Other People," "The House" and much more. These projects, as well as many other, are the reason why she is enjoying a net worth of $500 thousand.