Bebe Rexha Loathes Ex-boyfriend In Social Media And Reveals If She Is Dating Or Not

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Bebe Rexha Loathes Ex-boyfriend In Social Media And Reveals If She Is Dating Or Not

Dealing with a break up is the hardest part of a relationship as it not only shatters your heart into pieces but also takes control over your thinking as well.

However, life moves on and like it or not, you have to deal with it, and sometimes the pain of broken hearts gets pen down, or the bitterness is expressed through social media platforms.

Sharing a similar story is an American songwriter and singer Bebe Rexha who loathes her ex-boyfriend through social media platforms.

But has she poured out all the bitterness residing in her heart and is she thinking of jumping into the dating pool again? Did she have a Valentine in 2017? Let’s find out.

Bebe Rexha Loathes ex-Boyfriend in Social Media!

Bebe Rexha's bitter feelings for her ex-boyfriend is evident in the tweet on February 11, 2017, where she has done a poll on what kind of person is her ex-boyfriend? And the options to vote reflects her emotions very well and conveys a clear message regarding the state of her heart.

Another tweet followed Bebe's poll the same day, which was about her Valentine for the year 2017. Valentine is all about celebrating love, and she shared that all her fans, "Rexhars" are her Valentine in 2017.

Post break up, she revealed her dating status and shared if she was back in the dating pool or not through Twitter on April 13, 2017. 

Bebe was in the relationship with her former boyfriend Alex with whom she broke up in 2015. During an interview in February 2017, she shared that her ex-boyfriend blocked her in the social media.

"I'm thinking about him right now, but he blocked me recently. I went to go look at his Instagram. "I'm not saying that I'm sitting on my phone all day like, 'Oh let me look at this guy who broke my heart'. Once every four months, just to see if he got a new girl or something."

Moreover, she revealed that she hadn't had a boyfriend since then.

"I haven't had a boyfriend since. I'm an old school romantic, I don't like to just like throw my heart around."

Bebe has turned her heartbreak into lyrics of her album, which lead her to the verge of depression. She shared,

"I have an album coming out called 'All Your Fault'. When I got my heart broken by my ex I was bitter so then I wrote the first part of this album. It's really moody, dark, rhythmic, urban. It was interesting because I got my heart broken and at the time I had a music manager and my best friend was my assistant. At the same time my ex broke up with me, my manager came to my house one day and was 'I don't want to manage you anymore' and my best friend decided to go work for my manager.

Moreover, she added,

"I was like in LA crying. Thank god, my mother flew up from New York city. She was like, 'You need to have somebody watch you because you are too depressed right now'. But I went to the studio and this first part was like bam, bam, bam, was like six songs in a row, we did it. And then the second part is completely like a change, stronger."

In an interview in January 2017, Bebe highlighted her fault of giving power over her.

“You know what I did? I didn’t text him once. If you want to do that to me, then I’ll go cold on you, have a breakdown and write a song. I chose that title for my album because my ex f**ked me up. I came to the realisation that it must be all my fault, because you only allow people to have this power over you if you give it to them.Then I wrote a song called Bad Bitch, which is an anthem about being a strong woman.”

Bebe's success in the industry is evident as she has written lyrics for the big name in music industry Rihanna and Eminem. She shared the experience as,

“I’ve never spoken to them ever! It was literally just my manager sending their manager [song] files. I thought we were going to be best friends. I bumped into Rihanna later and I don’t think she knew I wrote the song.”

Bebe has an upcoming tour lined up in 2017, and her fans are eager to watch her performances. She is performing at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs New York on June 3, 2017.

Her next performance is at Canalside, Buffalo, New York on June 18, 2017. Further, she is performing at SummerFest 2017 at American Family Insurance Amphitheater, Milwaukee.

Bebe Rexha was born as Bleta Rexha, and Bleta means honey bee in Albanian which explains her nickname, Bebe. Speaking of her parents, Bebe’s mother is from Gostivar and father from Debar, and her ethnicity is Albanians.

Bebe is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. She debuted in the year 2015 with "EP I Don’t Wanna Grow Up" released through Warner Bros. Records. Bebe’s single Me, Myself & I with G-Easy reached top 10 in US, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand and UK.

She has featured in singles including “Hey Mama,” “That’s How You Know,” and Take Me Home.” With her hard work, passion, and dedication towards his craft, she has accumulated a net worth of $ 4 Million.