Danny John-Jules's Wife: Curious Who is He Married To? Or Wondering About Children?

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Danny John-Jules's Wife: Curious Who is He Married To? Or Wondering About Children?

Danny John-Jules is a well-known actor who has appeared in some of the big TV series and movies. You might know his on-screen characters very well but what about his personal life. Is he married? Does he have a wife? What about his children? Get all your answers here.

There is a good reason why you do not have heard much about his personal life. It is because he has kept it a pretty good secret. On top of that, it has not really come up between discussions as well. There is not much information about his married life or even the proof of whether he is married. But someone has stated in ‘answer.com’ that he is married and has two kids. And on further peeking into different sources, look what we have found.

We do not even know what exactly is the name of his wife or children. But he has made a lot of appearances with his wife in public and shared a few picture on social media.

Caption: A photo of Danny John-Jules and his wife posted by ‘SCREEN NATION AWARDS’ on October 28, 2011.

He also has an Instagram account where he is not very active, but he has posted a few pictures. One of them is this one of his children posing in front of the leaning tower of Pisa. He has mentioned them as his 'Prince and Princess.'


My Prince and Princess at the tower. "Lean on me"

A photo posted by Danny John-Jules (@dannyjohnjules) on

His wife was also mentioned during the time when he once came close to being arrested for assaulting two dustmen. The two men confronted the actor after they found polystyrene in the green bin meant for only recycling, but Danny walked down to them swearing and spitting in their face before knocking them to the ground. The article mentioned of Danny wearing “a dressing gown and his wife's slippers” during the incident.

Recently, he also posted another image with his family on his Twitter account. Don't they look like an ideal family!

He had also tweeted a post saying that his son’s name is Dante. So, at least we know one of his kids' name.

Danny John-Jules Short Bio:

Danny John-Jules was born on 16th September 1960 in Paddington, London, England. The ethnically Ghanian actor had attended Rutherford Comprehensive School. Since he has a wife and children, he is surely not gay.

Some of his recent projects are his new short series, ‘Bucky’ and ‘Death in Paradise’, for which he is mostly known. Recently, on August 30, it was reported that his hit series, ‘Red Dwarf’ will be returning next month for its 11th season.