Dion Graham Wiki: Bio With 5 Facts on The American Actor and Narrator

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Dion Graham Wiki: Bio With 5 Facts on The American Actor and Narrator

Dion Graham is a name which has given the showbiz some of the greatest hits in his career. Besides the fans of his screen performance, he has done the avid book readers an equally amazing favor by narrating some incredible books. 

But there is more to his life than just narrating books and acting. So today, we would like to shed some light on the life of this American actor and narrator which will help you build your knowledge about him.

The Life of Dion Grahams: Some Fascinating Facts About Him In His Wiki-Like Bio:

Dion Graham has played a pivotal hand in the success of the shows he has been a part of.

Some of those shows include "Gossip Girl" Season 2 in which he depicted the role of an FBI Agent, and "Homicide: Life on the Street" Season 6 in which he was seen as Curtis Lambright. Additionally, he played six different characters in "Law & Order".

The award-winning actor and narrator has always been shy when it comes to sharing his personal details. He has been secretive to such an extent that he has not even revealed his age. His friends and family members often wish him on his birthday across the internet but his age remains a mystery.

Now that you know that he is a private person and is not a fan of putting his life out in public, we also want to tell you that he has not yet come forth and acknowledged the existence of his wife, whatsoever. So for those, who were looking to find anything regarding his married life, we are sorry to inform that you are down on your luck! Neither has he mentioned having a girlfriend who he can turn into his wife. This silence regarding his love life is a reason why he is rumored to be gay, thanks to this trend where people start to doubt the sexuality of a person that simply chooses to live their life away from the prying eyes of the media.

However, assumptions and reality are two different things, and that is why let us not jump into any major conclusion till the man himself comes forward to either falsify or affirm the rumors and the claims people have been making about him.

So until he does that, let us enjoy the fact that his acting career and his work as a narrator has reaped him excellent rewards, made evident by the fact that he is enjoying a decorated lifestyle. However—you guessed it—he has been reluctant in opening up about his net worth is actual figures. 

And speaking of his career as a narrator, do you know how he got into it? We will let you know in his own words, for in an interview, he revealed how he came to find his interest in narrating.

When he was asked how he started narrating books, he said,

A friend of mine asked me one Christmas to narrate James Joyce’s The Dead for him. I just read it into a cassette recording, nothing professional. We listened to it later in a dark room, and it was just a great experience. Since 2000, I’ve done more than 150 audiobooks. I like to do all kinds of stuff. I’m also known for a lot of young adult titles, which I enjoy doing. I narrated a book by the Dalai Lama. I’ve even narrated a Western.

Also, when asked about his process of narrating, he confined,

The first thing I do, of course, is read the book. I love to read, so I’m like Pooh who fell into the honey pot. If there are things I don’t know, I find out about them—words or names or subject matter. And then I like to have a chat with the author. There’s always something I find out that will somehow enhance the performance. We go into a studio and record, which usually takes several days to do, depending on the book.

Moreover, he said he did not find it challenging to keep his voice straight after finding different voices and modes of speaking for different characters in a book. He added,

I can always record a character reference, but often they are already in my head. The characters ride with me—or maybe I’m riding with them!

These are the qualities the man possesses!