The Hobbit's Star Elijah Wood: No News About His Girlfriend And Wife After Split With His Ex!

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The Hobbit's Star Elijah Wood: No News About His Girlfriend And Wife After Split With His Ex!

Celebrities and their personal life have always been a matter of curiousness for their fans. And it is no coincidence that only a few have a picture perfect married life or love life. What is the reason behind it? We people and our theories vary from each other. It's a matter of perspective what we think. But let’s know about married and love life of Elijah Wood.

Best known for his character as ‘Frodo Baggins’ infamous trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings,' Elijah Wood's love life has been a matter of curiousness as he is only 35 and has a huge female fan following behind her. His blue eyes might be the reason behind it!

Elijah Wood and his Girlfriend and Dating Relationships!

Caption: Elijah Wood and Franka Potente in 2003.


Taking about Wood’s love life. He started dating Franka Potente in 2003 as he was already a star back then. Since Wood was already a child actor at the tender age of 9, by 2003 he had already landed high-profile role of Frodo Baggins in ‘The Lord of the Rings.' 

Wood’s then girlfriend Franka was a German actress, but their relationship couldn’t last long, and the couple called their relationship in the very same year in 2003.Franka is possible to single as per date, and she was also in a relationship with Tom Tykwer from 2006 but ended in 2007. 

Caption: Wood and Pamela Racine while they were dating back in 2010.


It didn’t take too long for someone like Woods to be in another relationship. This time with an American drummer, Pamela Racine. Racine is also a former model as well as a drummer and dancer with her "gypsy punk" band named as Gogol Bordello. 

Pamela Racine met with Wood in 2005 while shooting an adventure film, ‘Everything is illuminated’ where her group performed. But after more than five years of relationship, Wood and Pamela split in 2010 and reason behind it is rumored to be that Wood didn’t want to settle down. Pamela is single till date. 

Caption: Wood and Kerry Bishe were seen in November in 2012.


Wood was last seen with fellow American actor, Kerry Bishe whom Wood shared the screen in the psychological thriller Grand Piano. The pair were seen in a romantic stroll as they had a hand in hand in Madrid.

Apart from his love-life, Wood is an established actor in Hollywood industry. His movies like "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"(2004), "Green Street"(2005), "Sin City"(2005), "Everything is Illuminated"(2005).  Similarly, in the year 2006, he did movies like, "Bobby"(2006), "Happy Feet"(2006), "Paris Je T'Aime"(2006), "The Oxford Murders"(2008) and"Day Zero"(2007), are critically acclaimed. That’s the reason; Wood has a net worth of $30 million dollars.

Wood takes his Gay rumors as a joke!

Elijah Wood was also rumored to be gay. Wood spoke about the matter to World Entertainment News Network back in 2005.

“It’s this kind of joke Web site that maintains that they have proof that I am very, very gay in various photographs — photographic evidence (of me) holding hands with a male.”

Elijah Wood was loud and clear about one thing: he is not gay. 

Wood's view on Marriage and Wife!

Moreover, in February of 2014, Wood had Q&A session on one of the popular social site, Reddit and also expressed his views on marriage.

I’ve always loved the idea of marriage. I’ve always found it a romantic notion, the idea of uniting in front of friends and family with the person that you’re in love with.

But it looks like he hasn't found someone to share this bond of the wedding. But let's hope he soon founds love of his life and ties a knot, 

Wood says Hollywood in the grip of child abuse scandal!

Hollywood is in the grip of a child sexual assault scandal like that of Jimmy Savile in Britain, Elijah Wood has claimed.

The 36-year-old former child actor said that pedophiles had been protected by some influential figures in the movie industry and that abuse was probably still taking place.

In an interview with the Sunday Times in 2016, Elijah Wood said that he had been protected from abuse as he was growing up, but that other child actors aren't fortunate enough as they had been regularly “preyed upon” at parties by industry figures. Wood said:

“You all grew up with Savile – Jesus, it must have been devastating. Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized. There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind. There is a darkness in the underbelly – if you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”

Moreover, he added:

That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people. They can be squashed but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

Well, this is serious issues raised by Wood and needs to be investigated!

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